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How To Disable Enemy Traits In The Thaumaturge

During certain encounters in The Thaumaturge, you might come across an enemy with a powerful trait. Luckily, you can disable it.
How To Disable Enemy Traits In The Thaumaturge
Fool's Theory, Alexandra Hobbs

While The Thaumaturge is largely a mystery-solving RPG, there comes moments throughout its story where you'll be thrust into combat. The difficulty varies depending on a number of factors: the setting you chose at the start of the game, the settings you choose ahead of a difficult fight, and how prepared you are going into the encounter.

Some more difficult enemies possess Traits, which are abilities that can cause some serious trouble for you if left unchecked. In order to give yourself a fighting chance in these encounters, you'll need to disable the Trait. Here's what you need to know.

How To Disable Traits During Fights In The Thaumaturge

Players will need the right Salutor to disable an enemy's Trait. (Picture: Fool's Theory, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

The key to disabling enemy Traits during fights in The Thaumaturge is to have a Salutor that's able to destroy it. Traits have Dimensions, much like you do: Heart, Mind, Deed, and Word. You'll need to combat enemy Traits with a Salutor that possesses the same Trait. For example, using Upyr against Heart Traits, or Bukavak against Deed Traits. 

During The Mermaid City's Son quest, one of the game's early fights in Warsaw has players take on a number of guards. One of these guards will have a Heart Trait. By attacking this guard with one of Upyr's abilities, Wiktor's default Salutor, you'll be able to remove the guard's Trait. 

You can determine which of your available Salutors is able to remove an enemy's trait by opening up the Salutor panel on the left (during a fight) and looking for the green marker. A Salutor that has a green marker will be able to remove the Trait of your current enemy. You can switch between Salutors during your turn. 

If you don't have the right Salutor to diable a Trait, there is another way. Simply reduce an enemy's focus down to 0. While this will prove to be tricky during fights against tougher enemies, it does provide you with a way to gain the upperhand... eventually.

That's all for disabling Traits in The Thaumaturge. Be sure to check out our other guides, such as completing The Mermaid City's Son questline