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How To Get Caviar In Tower Of Fantasy - Location Guide

Caviar is a rare food delicacy dropped by Ravagers in the Navia region of Tower of Fantasy. Check out this guide on how to get it.
How To Get Caviar In Tower Of Fantasy - Location Guide

Hotta Studios' hit MMO game Tower of Fantasy boasts many quests and puzzles for Wanderers to explore. In addition, many important resources are found throughout the planet of Aida; some are abundant, while other rarer items will require some time to find.

Caviar is one such rare item in Tower of Fantasy. While you can forage most cooking ingredients like Black Truffle or Snow Azalea in the vast regions of Aesperia, Caviar cannot. So instead, this special item is dropped by special monsters called Ravagers roaming the Navia region.

This guide details how to get and what to do with Caviar in Tower of Fantasy, including a few recipes you can make using the ingredient.

Tower of Fantasy - How to get Caviar

caviar location guide tower of fantasy
You can find Ravagers in these four areas of the Navia region. (Picture: YouTube / Mobile Game)

If you want to know where you can find Caviar in Tower of Fantasy, this is how you do it. As mentioned earlier, Caviar is a food item that can are only dropped by Ravagers once they are slain.

You can find them in the Navia region, within Raincaller Island, and near Cetus Island. We've marked the location of the Ravagers (symbolized by skull icons) in the image above. Notably, this cooking ingredient also has a low drop rate, making it a rare food item to obtain.

ravagers caviar cooking ingredient tower of fantasy
You'll need to battle the Ravagers to get the Caviar ingredient in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: YouTube / Mobile Games)

You can find two types of Ravagers on Raincaller island and Cetus Island: Aberrant Ravagers and Ravager Assaulter Elite. The former of these monsters can always be found in pairs, while the latter or typically found alone. Here’s where you can find them:

  • You can find two Abberent Ravagers along the path on Raincaller Island. 

  • Two Abberent Ravagers are located near the mountainside and a large engine.

  • You can find Ravager Assaulter Elites in the open field near a river.

  • Two Abberrent Ravagers are located near a tree by the mountainside.

Using our comprehensive Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map would be best to help you locate any resource you may be searching for. 

How to use Caviar in Tower of Fantasy

Caviar is a rare food delicacy in Tower of Fantasy, meaning you can consume it. When eaten raw on its own, Caviar will regenerate 2 Satiety and restore 5% +6,800 HP. Alternatively, it's also possible to cook with Caviar, providing additional stats.

what to do with caviar tower of fantasy
Caviar was a rare delicacy until the mass production process was developed. (Picture: YouTube / Mobile Games)

Here are some recipes to help your satiety using Caviar: 

  • Caviar sushi: Requires 1 Caviar, 2 Rice, and 2 Laver. Once consumed, this recipe will regenerate 10 Satiety and restore 16% + 34,000 HP to the player. 

  • Caviar potato balls: Requires 1 Caviar and 2 Potato. Once consumed, this recipe will regenerate 10 Satiety, increase Physical Attack by 1%, and increase Physical Attack by 80 for 15 minutes. 

Check out our cooking guide in Tower of Fantasy for even more amazing food creations you can cook up in Aida. That concludes our guide on how to get Caviar in Tower of Fantasy.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Mobile Games.