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Where To Get Snow Azalea In Tower Of Fantasy

Snow Azalea is one of the various ingredients used in the game's cooking recipes. Here's how to get it in Tower of Fantasy.
Where To Get Snow Azalea In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantas entices Wanderers to search every inch of Aida's many regions for quality ingredients to be used in all the delicious cooking recipes, including Portunids, Fatty Cuts, and Snow Azalea. Similar to locating Portunids, finding Snow Azalea won't be challenging.

However, you can only uncover it as you progress further into the game because you can only get Snow Azalea in the Warren region. This guide will show you precisely where to get Snow Azalea and how you can use it in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy - Where to get Snow Azalea

tower of fantasy snow azalea farming locations
You can find Snow Azalea in the region of Warren. (Picture: Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map / App Sample) 

You can easily locate Snow Azalea because it's found in various parts of Warren in Tower of Fantasy. Look at the image of the map above to see all the Snow Azalea farming locations in Tower of Fantasy.

Snow Azalea can be identified by its long and leafy stem, with pink and purple flower petals. It's a type of vegetable cooking item that has medicinal effects. You must interact with this item by pressing the F button to collect it.

where to find snow azalea in tower of fantasy
Snow Azalea is a vegetable that you can find all across Warren. (Picture: Youtube / DibuckTV)

Note that the Warren region is known to have extremely high levels of radiation; therefore, your Suppressor must be upgraded to at least V3.4 to avoid taking radiation damage.

How to use Snow Azalea in Tower of Fantasy

Since it’s a cooking ingredient, you can eat Snow Azalea to regenerate 2 Satiety and restore 5% +6,800 HP.

Otherwise, you can make Snow Azalea Tea. For this recipe, you will need 1 Snow Azalea, 2 Honey, and 12 Milk. This recipe will regenerate 10 Satiety and increase Frost Attack by 1% and Frost Attack by 80 for 15 minutes.

That concludes our guide on where to get Snow Azalea in Tower of Fantasy. 

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube /  DibuckTV.