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How To Recover Tower of Fantasy Satiety And Effects

Satiate your hunger with our guide on the effect's of satiety and how to recover it in Tower of Fantasy.
How To Recover Tower of Fantasy Satiety And Effects

Tower of Fantasy features many interesting and unique mechanics that make the game immersive and give steaks to the way you play. One of these features is called the satiety feature and it works similarly to a hunger system, but it has a few extra details that you need to know.

So below we're going to walk you through everything you need to know about the safety feature. Such as how to recover your satiety and the effects it has overall on your character when in-game. 

Tower of Fantasy - Satiety Effects

If you've played MMOs or RPGs then you should be familiar with how a hunger system works in other games. Tower of Fantasy uses a satiety system that is similar to this, but with a few unique differences that you need to be aware of and that make the system unique in its own right. 

How To Recover Tower of Fantasy Satiety And Effects How it works
The satiety mechanics works a bit differently than the typical hunger mechanic. (Picture: YouTube / Sethphir)

Let's walk through how the satiety system works step by step and the Effects it has on your character: 

  1. Satiety starts to automatically decrease after you leave a battle encounter for five seconds to restore HP.
  2. One satiety point is lost for every 10% of a player's HP that is restored, and one satiety point is lost every five minutes after that.
  3. The speed of HP regeneration will increase with satiety.
  • 2% of HP is restored every two seconds from 1 to 30 satiety.
  • 3.5% of HP is restored every two seconds from 31 to 60 satiety.
  • 5% of HP is restored every two seconds from 61 to 100 satiety.

The most significant benefit or drawback, depending on your level of satiety, relates to health regeneration. In the Character menu, which is the bar directly above your level bar and your character's biography, you can always double-check your satiety level (the tab can be accessed from the Backpack, Weapons, or Simulacra menus, too).

Either approach works because a notification is always displayed at the bottom of the screen whenever your satiety level decreases, serving as a reminder of your total intake. But if you see that your satiety level is too low, then you're going to need a way to recover it, and that's where food and Cooking comes in.

Tower of Fantasy - How To Recover Satiety

Eating food in Tower of Fantasy is the only way to restore your satiety levels in the game, as well as giving you some nifty bonuses in terms of stat buffs. Cooked food will always be better than raw food as it recovers a more satiety point, but if you're in a desperate spot raw food wors as well. 

How To Recover Tower of Fantasy Satiety And Effects Recovery
Satiety can be recovered with raw or cooked food. (Picture: YouTube / Sethphir)

Cooked food will require a recipe to create, and if you need help in that regard, check out our guide on all the recipes in Tower of Fantasy. One last thing to note is that some food items hit you with a cooldown after eating them, such as cooked meals and higher grade meals. 

So always keep in mind that eating lighter foods such as mushrooms, Dandelions, and other raw items will help negate a longer cooldown. YOu can also eat foods such as Poultry eggs or meat, and other items you pick up from the ground to help avoid tough cooldowns and keep your satiety looking good at all times. 

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