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Where To Get Electric Eels In Tower Of Fantasy

Electric Eel is a cooking ingredient used to make the recipe "Eel and Mushroom Soup." Learn where you can get it in Tower of Fantasy.
Where To Get Electric Eels In Tower Of Fantasy

Hotta Studio’s new MMO Tower of Fantasy comprises an abundance of food resources available on the planet Aida, ranging from Fatty Cuts to Black Truffles. Electric Eels are another ingredient but can be difficult to source at the game's beginning stages.

This is because they reside in the snowy northern region of Warren, which is typically only accessible to higher-level Wanderers owing to the Omnium radiation plaguing this area. This guide will detail where you can get Electric Eels in Tower of Fantasy and what to do with them.

Where to find Electric Eels in Tower of Fantasy

where to find electric eels in tower of fantasy
You can find Electric Eels on the Aesperia map's Warren region in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map / App Sample)

Electric Eels are not rare ingredients in Tower of Fantasy, but they can still be quite challenging to locate. You cannot find these sea creatures in Astra; instead, you'll need to navigate to the regions of Banges and Navia. You can find Electric Eels all along the coastline of Warren, specifically in the area of Southern Naa Fjords.

If you're wondering how to farm Electric Eel in Tower of Fantasy, you might be surprised to know that you can easily capture them along the coastline of Southern Naa Fjords and the Warren Shelter. To catch these sea creatures, interact with them but ensure you’re quick as they can easily slip away.

We should add that the Warren region has very high levels of Omnium radiation, so we advise treading this region with caution. To avoid taking radiation damage, you'll want to ensure that your Suppressor is at least Level V3.4.

electric eels tower of fantasy location
Electric Eels can be found along the shallow coastline in Warren. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

If your Suppressor isn't high enough, you'll get a warning reading, "Unable to tolerate this much radiation at Level x. Navigate to safety ASAP." You can power your Suppressor up to five times using Potent Omnium Crystal via the Menu on the upper corner of your screen. Simply select "Suppressor" and then press "Upgrade." These crystals can be found in various quests, ruins, or Bygone Phantasm.

What to do with Electric Eels in Tower of Fantasy

If you’re wondering what to do with Electric Eels in Tower of Fantasy, they are used as cooking ingredients and can be found in several recipes. This food item can also be eaten by itself; however, it's best to cook it first to get additional benefits.

Electric Eel ingredient in Tower of Fantasy
Electric Eel ingredient in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Here are some recipes to ease your satiety in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Spicy Eel: Requires 1 Electric Eel. Consuming this recipe will regenerate ten satiety, increases Volt Resistance by 10%, and increase Volt Resistance by 290 for 15 minutes.

  • Eel and Mushroom Soup: Requires 1 Electric Eel and 2 Firecap. The effects of this recipe will regenerate 10 Satiety, increase Volt Attack by 1%, and increase Volt Attack 80 for 15 minutes.

Check out our cooking guide in Tower of Fantasy for even more amazing food creations you can cook up in Aida. That concludes our guide on where to find (and what to do with) Electric Eels in Tower of Fantasy.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studios.