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Where To Get Fleshy Tails In Tower of Fantasy

Here's how you can find and use the Fleshy Tails to cook nutritious meals in Tower of Fantasy and boost your health.
Where To Get Fleshy Tails In Tower of Fantasy

Cooking is an important aspect of Tower of fantasy as it allows you to prepare hearty and delicious meals that can not only fill your stomach but also provide you with a health boost and even some tactical buffs to aid you in battle. One of the ingredients that you will find during your journey through Aida is the Fleshy Tails which can be used to prepare some delicious and rejuvenating meals.

If you're keen on finding this ingredient for yourself and want to start cooking with it as soon as you can, then look no further. In this guide, we will show you exactly where you can find Fleshy Tails in Tower of Fantasy. 

Where To Get Fleshy Tails In Tower of Fantasy

Fleshy Tails can be found in the newly added Vera region of Tower of Fantasy's world. This region is not yet fully accessible as it will only be released with the games version 2.0, but players participating in the Vera Orienteering event can expect to find this useful ingredient in abundance as they venture through the desert area of the Vera region. 

Where To Get Fleshy Tails In Tower of Fantasy Wild beast selection roaming Vera
Fleshy Tails are obtained as drop items when slaying the Wild Beasts of Vera's deserts. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

To obtain Fleshy Tails, however, you must hunt creatures from the Wild Beast selection. This essentially means that most animal life in the desert of Vera has a chance to drop a Fleshy Tail as part of their loot. They will be present in all shapes and sizes throughout the area, but just like in real life, the best places to look for them would be the various oases scattered throughout the area.

After finding the Fleshy Tails, you can use them in specific recipes to cook meals that call for them as ingredients, as shown below: 

  • Grilled Lizard Tail - requires 2 Fleshy Tails

  • Spicy Fried Rice - requires 1 Fleshy Tail

  • Barbecue Platter - requires 1 Fleshy Tail

These meals will help restore your health and satiety in Tower of fantasy and are vital parts of survival when you're in a tight spot and need some quick health to deal the final blow to a powerful enemy or boss. So it's worth stocking up on these Fleshy Tails as you venture through the Vera Region to cook them up later. 

Where To Get Fleshy Tails In Tower of Fantasy recipes to use when fighting powerful monsters
Fleshy Tails can be sued in recipes to cook meals that can replenish your health and help you in tight spots against powerful enemies. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

And that's everything you need to know regarding where to find the Fleshy Tails and how to use them in Tower of Fantasy. Happy hunting. 

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.