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Andrew Tate Gains 1 Million Twitter Followers In 24 Hours After Unban

Andrew Tate has quickly amassed over 1 million followers on Twitter only a day after being unbanned by Elon Musk.
Andrew Tate Gains 1 Million Twitter Followers In 24 Hours After Unban

Former four-time world kickboxing champion Andrew Tate is unbanned on Twitter. On 18 November 2022, the company's newfound owner and CEO, Elon Musk, publicized his intent to reform the platform as a global news source "by the people, for the people" and to enable freedom of speech. This was accompanied by the unbanning of multiple controversial figures, including Dr. Jordan Peterson, Kathie Griffin, Babylon Bee, and, more recently, former President Donald J Trump.

Following the return of the 'most banned' person on the internet to Twitter, Andrew Tate has since acquired over 1 million followers in 24 hours. The controversial internet star returns after a five-year suspension linked to his inflammatory remarks about women in 2017. In particular, Andrew Tate made several stabbing comments about the #MeToo movement, including the notion that women "bare some responsibility" if they put themselves "in a position to be r*ped."

andrew tate unbanned on twitter
Elon Musk has unbanned Andrew Tate on Twitter.

While Andrew Tate's return to Twitter is by no stretch record-breaking (this title is held by Caitlyn Jenner, who reached 1 million followers in roughly 4 hours), it has sparked tremendous division and discussion among users regarding the platform's future.

Following his unbanning, Andrew Tate claimed to be "the last super hero of masculinity," noting that "every other 'man' has glaring obvious failings." But, he added, "Only I am absolutely [and] completely perfect in every possible way. I am the last hope for man kind. I will save everyone. All of you."

In a Tweet earlier this morning on 20 November, Andrew gave the nod to Elon Musk, writing, "I am top G, but [Elon Musk] is Top E" before commenting on his 1 million follower milestone on the platform. "1 million followers in 24 hours. And we have only just begun. It's time to escape the Matrix. I wait for you in [The Real World]," Andrew Tate said.

At present, the controversial internet star remains banned on major social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube (among others).

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All featured images are courtesy of Andrew Tate via Twitter / Instagram.