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Twitch "Pancake Batter" Stream Misconstrued As Jerk Off Contest

Twitch streamer PaymoneyWubby hosted a "Pancake Batter" contest that seemingly involved members masturbating into a bowl on stream.
Twitch "Pancake Batter" Stream Misconstrued As Jerk Off Contest

Disclaimer: This article deals with mature subject matter that might not be appropriate for younger audiences. Discretion is advised.

As reported by GUARD Hunter via Twitter on 10 November 2022, Twitch streamer PaymoneyWubby recently held their first annual "Pancake Batter" (a slang term for semen) contest with several of their friends. In the Livestream, participating members went into a tent called the "Oval Office,"  seemingly to masturbate and then ejaculate into a bowl, all while broadcasting live to thousands of viewers on Twitch.

Each member had fifteen minutes to produce pancake batter, which was later judged by volume and time to make the "pancake batter." It was also passed through a "scientific" test that supposedly analyzed the "batter" density. PaymoneyWubby explained at the start of the stream that the contest arose after a discussion on Discord about who among them had "the most potent pancake batter" but would later be misconstrued as a competition about jerking off.

At the start of the stream, PaymoneyWubby clarified that  the contest "was all a joke" and that if Twitch banned them, it would be for doing "nothing." PaymoneyWubby proceeded by giving a tour of the single-person "Oval Office" tent where the "pancake batter" would be crafted. "There's not even space to lay down [...] there are some paper towels if you get messy; there is [also] some reading material if anyone gets bored in there," the Twitch streamer said. However, despite PaymoneyWubby noting that the stream was supposedly not about "c*mming" or "masturbation," the subtlety of the not-so-obvious gag did not seem to take.

Commenting on the stream's seemingly explicit nature, GUARD Hunter said, "If a female streamer did anything close to this, they would be instantly banned and berated on the internet. This content does not belong on Twitch." This comment follows two separate controversial Livestreams. The first stint sparked a massive uproar among the broader Twitch community after a streamer, "Kimmikka," was banned for having sex on stream. Separately, a different streamer with the handle "Aielieen1" was recently banned for masturbating naked in front of an audience of several thousand viewers on Twitch.

For the uninitiated, PaymoneyWubby is a Partnered streamer popular for streaming Fortnite and Just Chatting Livestreams; they have over half a million followers on Twitch. At the time of writing, PaymoneyWubby's channel is not banned despite receiving backlash for broadcasting content that could be regarded as sexually mature. It should be noted that throughout the Livestream, there were no explicit references to nudity, sexual activity, or masturbation; however, PaymoneyWubby's stream was heavily criticized for its seemingly obvious references thereof.

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All featured images are courtesy of Twitch / PaymoneyWubby.