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CS:GO Patch: Nuke Is Here to Stay

The oft-criticised map gets some changes.
CS:GO Patch: Nuke Is Here to Stay
CS:GO has received its first significant update since the Boston Major, implementing a number of community suggestions and bringing some much-needed map changes. Most notably, the update brings balance changes to maps Nuke and Canals,. Also included is a new shotgun spread mechanic, some handy features for community map developers and a number of bug fixes and general game improvements.

Nuke receives significant changes

Questions were raised about the credibility of Nuke after it was played only twice out of 50 matches at the ELEAGUE Boston Major. Many were even calling for it to be removed from the competitive map pool. But Valve has moved quickly to show down those complaints. In this patch they’ve reworked the map to address some of the key complaints. [caption id="attachment_102366" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Walkway Nuke The outside walkway has been removed.[/caption] The walkway that helped T’s gain outside control, and offered them a direct route to heaven, has been removed. When Nuke was initially reworked, this was identified as one of the most significant changes. It seems Valve didn’t like the additional control that this gave the terrorists, and now we’ll go back to terrorists having to control outside via yard and silo pressure. This change will make the life of the CT garage player and heaven player much simpler. [caption id="attachment_102367" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Hut's new simple style Hut's new simple style[/caption] The window in hut that offered CT’s a view in from the mini position has been removed, resulting in the terrorists now only having to worry about their left side when coming out of hut. Consequently, the mini player now can’t be picked off or pushed directly from hut. [caption id="attachment_102368" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Ramp is less cluttered, and B’s new boxes Ramp is less cluttered, and B’s new boxes[/caption] Looking at the B Bombsite, Valve have decided to remove the railings on ramp, and have added boxes in the back corner of the site. The removal of the railings should make maneuvering to check corners on retakes easier, and the addition of the box stack adds some much needed cover for terrorists in after-plant situations. Additionally, the new boxes add another corner for the CT’s to check when retaking. [caption id="attachment_102369" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Time to learn those new smoke lineups Time to learn those new smoke lineups[/caption] T roof has been altered to make site executes easier. The windows now resemble giant funnels that are perfect for slinging grenades down – this should lower the skill ceiling for site executes. Getting onto silo is still possible, but is now more similar to the old style of Nuke where a skill jump is required. There are some other minor notable changes. Spawns being brought closer, so that less time is wasted running out of spawn, and the CT ladder on A site being removed.

The shotgun spread revisions are now live

In December, Valve shipped some shotgun spread changes that had to be enabled via the console, and were intended for testing purposes. These changes are now live, and we are now getting a more consistent and competitive model when using shotguns. Before this update, the shotgun pellets would spread randomly in a cone. This was a rare element of unpredictability in CS:GO, a game that is designed to be competitive and consistent. This update removes the randomness experienced when firing a shotgun, and Valve now use a model that is similar to the recoil patterns we see on all the other weapons. There is a consistent spread pattern that can now be learnt and mastered, and this will be seen as a welcome addition to those who didn’t like the RNG element of the previous shotgun implementation.

Canals changes, and other minor alterations

Finally, there have been minor changes to the Canals map. These make the map simpler, with fewer open areas to the map and fewer avenues to approach bombsites. Additionally, there are a few quality of life changes for map developers, which you can read into in more detail in the full patch notes. You can find those here.