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Unreal Tournament 4 overview

Unreal Tournament 4 overview
Unreal Tournament 4 is an upcoming first-person shooter currently being developed by Epic Games. The game is the latest entry in the Unreal series, with the last – Unreal Tournament 3 – being released in 2007. Gameplay will follow the classic Unreal Tournament formula, with various gametypes available, including: Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Duel, Showdown and Team Deathmatch. These are only the confirmed ones, however – more game modes are expected to be announced.

What’s the genre?

Multiplayer First-person shooter.

When will it be released?

Currently unclear. With a crowdsourced development process, the completion of the game is dependent on volunteer work.

What platforms is it on?

Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux.

Is it an esport?

Unreal Tournament is commonly regarded as one of the pioneers of esport titles, with the first title originally releasing in 1998 and holding competitions into the early 2000's. However, there are no longer any major tournaments for the series, but if you're looking to compete you can still find ladders through ESL Play.