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How to fast travel in V Rising using Waygates

This V Rising guide will explain how to use Waygates to fast travel across different locations on the map.
How to fast travel in V Rising using Waygates

Given that the V Rising map is pretty big, traveling by foot is not a viable option as it will deplete your precious time. To deal with such situations, the game developers have incorporated Waygates, which work the same way as teleporters.

However, using a Waygate in V Rising has a huge drawback, making it worthless in most situations. So without any further delay, here’s a comprehensive guide explaining everything about fast traveling in V Rising using Waygates.

V Rising Fast Travel - Using Waygates

V Rising Using Waygates Farebane Woods
The Farebane Woods V Rising Waygate location. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Waygates are scattered across different locations in the world of Vardoran, and they are denoted by green markers on the V Rising map. Generally, the Vampire Gateways are found around the corners of each. Hence the most effective way to find them is to roam around the borders of the region until you spot the green teleport marker on the minimap.

After locating a Waygate in V Rising, all you need to do is stand close to it and press the interaction button to fast travel. Meanwhile, the game will ask you to select the Waygate where you want to navigate.

But as we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s a huge flaw with V Rising Waygates. As per the game rules, you can’t use Waygates while carrying resources and loot in your inventory. As a result, you must empty your entire inventory and throw away all the loot before using them.

In case your ultimate goal is to farm resources in V Rising, we highly recommend getting a horse instead of using Waygate to fast travel.

How to craft Waygates in V Rising

V Rising Craft Waygate
Crafting Waygates in V Rising is a fairly simple process. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

As you progress in V Rising, you will eventually get the ability to craft a Vampire Gateway at your castle. To create your Vampire Waygate, you first need to beat Polara the Feywalker. After defeating this boss, you can forge a Waygate out of the following collectibles:

  • 200x Blood Essence
  • 20x Plank
  • 20x Copper Ingot
  • 10x Gem Dust

Note: Crafted Vampire Waygates are only usable by the owner.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about fast traveling in V Rising using Waygates.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.