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V Rising mounts - How to get a horse and stats

Horses are essential companions, allowing you to travel quickly and efficiently. Here's where to find your first Mount in V Rising.
V Rising mounts - How to get a horse and stats

V Rising is a new MMO survival game from developer Stunlock Studios, boasting an expansive open world featuring lush forests, open countryside, and dark caverns for players to explore. With that said, many players wonder where they can find a Mount to help them quench their thirst for blood at night.

Mounts are incredibly versatile in V Rising, allowing players to traverse the world faster and more efficiently. Beyond this, Mounts also offer special mounted combat moves, allowing players to use their weapons against supernatural foes while riding.

So, if you're unfortunate enough to be traversing the darkness on foot, then look no further. This guide will explain everything you need to know about mounts, including where to find them, stats, and more.

How to get a Mount in V Rising?

At the beginning of the game, head to the Dunley Farmlands area, where you will easily find your first horse. In particular, you'll want to navigate your way to either the western or eastern Militia Encampments, designated with green horseshoe icons.

v rising mount horses location where to find how to get
You can find lots of horses in the Dunley Farmlands in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / Never Nathaniel)

Once you've found a horse, you'll need to mount it. To mount the horse, walk up to it and then hold the interact key (F), and that's it. Once you've mounted the horse, you can ride or Fast Travel back to your Castle using a Waygate, and the horse will be yours.

While you're at it, personalize your horse by giving it a name. You can do this by clicking the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the Horse menu. You'll also notice stats in this menu, including your horse's max speed, acceleration, and rotation speed. A countdown timer also indicates your horse's lifespan.

v rising mount horses location where to find how to get
Every horse in V Rising has unique stats. (Picture: YouTube / Never Nathaniel)

We should add that each horse possesses unique stats. This means that each horse will feel different to ride on. Additionally, Mounts offer extra storage space for carrying resources that you might have pillaged from enemies or villages.

Furthermore, the controls to ride your horse are slightly different from the standard WASD movement controls. Once mounted, you can use W to move forward, A to go left, and D to move right. You can also activate Gallop by pressing the spacebar. 

v rising horses how to get mount
Protect your horse from enemy vampires and thieves in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / Never Nathaniel)

Mounts are critical in V Rising, so be sure to look after your trusty steed and protect it from being stolen or slain by enemy vampires. You'll also need to ensure that it is adequately hydrated by crafting a waterskin.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios via YouTube / Never Nathaniel.