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V Rising Stone Bricks – How to craft

Stone bricks are essential resources required to build various furnishings and buildings, like the Castle Heart. Here's how to craft it in V Rising.
V Rising Stone Bricks – How to craft

V Rising, Stunlock Studios’ vampire survival game, has a robust crafting system that allows players to produce resources required for crafting weapons, furnishings, and, most importantly, a majestic castle.

You should have a workstation, a coffin, and the Castle Heart built in the tutorial, amongst other notable essentials you’ll use frequently. Stone bricks are one of the essential resources you’ll need, especially when building your Castle Heart, but it isn’t explained how you can achieve this.

This guide will explain how to craft and use stone bricks and the materials required in V Rising.

How to craft stone bricks in V Rising?

Before players start crafting stone bricks, you’ll need to gather the materials required to produce the bricks and the right equipment. You’ll also need to build a Grinder near your Castle Heart, which is necessary to make the bricks.

v rising crafting guide stone bricks grinder machine how to built castle heart
Before you can start crafting stone bricks, you'll need a Grinder machine to make the resource. (Picture: YouTube / Levonel)

To construct the Grinder, locate the equipment under the Refinement category in the Production tab from the Building menu. You’ll need four Whetstones, four Copper Ingots/bars, and eight wooden planks to craft one Grinder.

Remember that a Sawmill is needed for the planks and a furnace to smelt ingots for crafting purposes to produce the materials mentioned above. On the other hand, Whetstones can be found looted from bandits or at bandit camps which you can check via your map.

If you wish not to loot Whetstones from a bandit camp, you craft them using the furnace and if you have the blueprint. You can obtain the blueprint by defeating a boss, Grayson The Armourer, south of the Farbane Woods.

v rising crafting guide stone bricks materials raw stones how to craft
Once you've built the Grinder, make sure you have enough raw stones needed to make stone bricks. (Picture: YouTube / Levonel)

For Whetstones, you'll need a copper ingot and 12 stone dust, a by-product of crafting stone bricks. With the Whetstones, planks, and copper ingots crafted, you can use these resources to build a Grinder within your area.

Once the Grinder is constructed, you can place it down anywhere in your area, as long as it's near the Castle Heart. Then, interact with the Grinder to start adding the raw stone to the Input section of the machine.

You'll need to have 12 raw stones for one stone brick to make stone bricks, so if you require larger quantities of bricks, you'll need to farm more raw materials. Then, with the materials on hand, you can start the Grinder, which will pulverize the materials to produce stone bricks.

The Grinder will also produce stone dust/powder, which you can use to craft other crafting materials like Whetstones. Once you have produced enough stone bricks, you can use them to build your lavish stronghold to become the king or queen of your castle.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.