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V Rising Sludge-Filled Canister: How To Get & Use

Want to know how to get a Sludge-Filled Canister in V Rising? Look no further than this guide!
V Rising Sludge-Filled Canister: How To Get & Use

Are you wondering how to get a Sludge-Filled Canister in V Rising? Well, look no further because we have you covered in this guide! We will explain exactly what you need to find this highly sought-after resource, including how to make and use Sludge-Filled Canisters in V Rising. Please note these are not recommended to drink as you may suffer a sinister fate.

The V Rising Gloomrot update added many new resources to the endgame. However, to get to this point in the game and thrive, you will need some Sludge-Filled Canisters. This is especially the case if you plan on using Legendary Weapons. So let's get to it, shall we? Here's everything to know about Sludge-Filled Canisters in V Rising.

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How To Get Sludge-Filled Canister In V Rising

To get the Sludge-Filled Canister in V Rising, you must first get your hands on the Empty Canister. However, the crafting recipe for this item is only unlocked after you have defeated the Level 60 boss Ziva the Engineer.

Ziva will also unlock the crafting recipe for the Fabricator (requires 200x Tech Scrap + 18x Iron Ingot), which is where you will be able to make the Empty Canister (requires 1x Iron Ingot + 4x Glass). Note that the exact number of resources you need will vary depending on the PvP or PvE server settings.

Once you have crafted the Empty Canister, equip it in one of your active  Inventory slots, as you will have to fill your Canister with toxic Sludge manually. Now that it is equipped in an occupied slot, head to any of the toxic yellow lakes in Gloomrot South.

We suggest navigating to either Trancendum Machine Factory or the Pools of Rebirth. to do this.

Once there, approach any of the toxic yellow lakes. Then, when you are in melee range of the toxic lakes, press the relevant active key corresponding to the Inventory slot to which the Empty Canister is equipped to fill a single Empty Canister with toxic Sludge.

You can press the key multiple times to fill as many Canisters as are equipped to that key. And voila! You will now discover that you have a Sludge-Filled Canister in your Inventory!

Now that you have your Sludge-Filled Canister, you can head back to base and use this to make Radium Alloy which you will need to build the Ancestral Forge. This structure will be needed if you wish to wield Legendary Weapons in V Rising. However, it's worth mentioning that you will need to beat Raziel The Shepard to unlock the Ancestral Forge.

And that's all! We hope you enjoyed our guide on the Sludge-Filled Canister in V Rising. For more content like this, stick with us as we take you to the heights of the vampire world!