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V Rising Ziva The Engineer: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Learn how to find and defeat Ziva the Engineer in V Rising to unlock the Ball Lightning ability, Fabricator, Empty Cannister, and Radium Alloy recipes.
V Rising Ziva The Engineer: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Congratulations, you've just stumbled on the best guide on how to beat Ziva the Engineer in V Rising. And no, we're not just saying that. We've spent hours grinding through all the V Blood Carriers in the game, all to hand over the best tips, tricks, and strategies on how to defeat them on a silver platter -- just for you. That includes the best weapons and abilities you should use!

As a powerful V Rising boss residing in Gloomrot South, you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll need some help figuring out how to beat Ziva in V Rising. And there's no shame in that! We'll also detail Ziva's location and the rewards she unlocks. We won't kid you when we say you'll actually find this information useful (unlike some of our competitor's guides, lol). So let's get started!

Updated on 25 May 2023: We've updated this page with the latest changes in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update.

V Rising: Where To Find Ziva The Engineer - Location


Ziva the Engineer is located in the Trancendum Machine Factory of Gloomrot South. While it should go without saying that there are many dangers lurking around, you'd do well even to mind the weather. In particular, Gloomrot is home to crazy lightning storms, which randomly strike the ground, hitting any unlucky player who might be standing there.

You can reach the location of Ziva the Engineer in V Rising by going through Dunley Farmlands into Gloorot South or entering via the Cursed Forest. The benefit of entering through Dunley Farmlands is that you can activate a Vampire Waygate at the foot of Gloomrot South to more easily return to the area when you die. Entering from Cursed Forest is more stealthy but more dangerous.

V Rising: How To Beat Ziva The Engineer

To start, Ziva the Engineer is a Level 60 Blood Carrier in V Rising, so we recommend you have a Gear Score of 57 or higher to attempt this battle. However, before we dive into the fight with Ziva, let's take some time to prepare. Going in without a plan would spell disaster. Noteworthy, given that Ziva relies heavily on Fire-damage, you might want to consider consuming a Fire Resistance Brew to help offset any potential burn damage you'll likely encounter in the battle.


Blood Type

Regarding the best Blood Type for the battle, we suggest those that offer buffs to movement speed. As such, Rogue Blood of 50% or higher Blood Quality is a solid option. It favors a mobility build, allowing you to move +15% faster and providing a chance to land critical strikes on weapon attacks and deal extra damage. In addition, it will reduce the cooldown of your Travel Ability. Alternatively, Creature Blood can be a good substitute for Rogue Blood, as it also grants faster base movement speed, which is important for this fight (as well as damage reduction). Ensure that the Creature Blood you choose is also 50% or higher.

Travel Abilities

Now, let's discuss movement abilities. To defeat Ziva the Engineer in V Rising, having a reliable Travel Ability is crucial -- Veil of Chaos is arguably the best option as it allows for two consecutive jumps, making it ideal for evading multiple ranged attacks. Veil of Illusion is a useful alternative because it enables you to perform two jumps, one forward and one back to your initial position, allowing for elusive maneuvers against Ziva the Engineer. Each of these spells also offers other useful bonuses like inflicting the Ignite or Weakened debuffs, respectively.


Defensive Abilities

Ward of the Damned (unlocked by defeating Kriig the Undead General) is highly recommended against Ziva the Engineer. Using this spell to block attacks will summon a Skeleton Warrior to fight on your behalf, meaning you'll have a swarm of Skeleton Warriors in this battle. This is especially beneficial because Ziva heavily relies on projectile attacks, in which case Ward of the Damned can work to your advantage.

These relentless warriors will not only intercept spells and divert Ziva's attention but also pursue and deal considerable damage to the boss. The second defensive spell we recommend is the reliable Phantom Aegis. This spell provides a damage-blocking shield that can be cast on yourself or your allies, proving a valuable asset in critical moments. It truly comes in clutch when you need that extra layer of protection.


Offensive Abilities

Now, let's shift our focus to offense and discuss how to defeat Ziva the Engineer in V Rising. Firstly, we recommend utilizing the Corrupted Skull ability. This powerful spell launches a projectile that inflicts 80% magic damage upon impact and summons a Skeleton Warrior. Furthermore, it applies the Condemn debuff, which increases the target's damage taken by 15% for 5 seconds.

As the fight progresses, the ability becomes even stronger, dealing an additional 40% damage when the target's health drops below 30%. Additionally, we suggest employing the Bone Explosion ability for substantial damage. This ability can be cast at a specific target location, dealing 140% magic damage and also applying the Condemn debuff to any targets caught within the explosion.


Ziva's Moveset

During the initial phase of the battle, Ziva the Engineer will unleash Ball Lightning attacks toward you. These projectiles will remain in place, gradually dealing damage over time before exploding. Therefore, it is crucial to maneuver past them to avoid taking unnecessary damage. As Ziva the Engineer is vulnerable in melee combat, it's recommended to close the distance using a Sword, Axe, Mace, or Reaper and land as many attacks on her as possible during this phase.

Ziva will continuously retreat and continue launching Ball Lightning attacks at you. Once you have dealt enough damage, she will take to the air to escape and attempt to turn the tide of the battle. While airborne, Ziva will still employ Ball Lightning attacks but will also start dropping bombs from above. These bombs pose a significant threat as they inflict high damage and set sections of the arena on fire, causing continuous damage to anyone passing through the flames.


Ziva will continue this bombardment for some time, gradually turning the arena into a hazardous environment that punishes your movements. However, when Ziva eventually lands, you can exploit a brief downtime period to rush in and inflict moderate damage. Use this opportunity effectively to maximize your impact on the battle. In the next phase of the fight, Ziva the Engineer will unleash a flamethrower attack, engulfing a wide arc of the arena in flames.

This intensifies the blaze, creating a highly dangerous environment. Additionally, Ziva will summon two mobile walking turrets to assist in the fight. Surviving this part of the battle can be incredibly challenging, as the entire arena will be engulfed in flames, causing lingering damage even when you are out of the immediate fire. However, utilizing the Corrupted Skull ability at this stage can be a game-changer. The summoned Skeleton Warriors will draw the attention of the turrets and Ziva the Engineer, allowing you to divert aggro away from you.

Finally, Ziva will equip a minigun and unleash a rapid barrage of projectiles toward you. This phase is where the effectiveness of Ward of the Damned truly shines. Using this ability, you can summon up to five Skeleton Warriors to fight on your behalf. Additionally, you can leap forward and launch a Corrupted Skull at Ziva the Engineer, summoning an additional Skeleton Warrior and applying the Condemn debuff. Together, you should have all the firepower to defeat Ziva in V Rising.

V Rising: Ziva The Engineer Rewards

You will receive the following rewards for beating Ziva the Engineer in V Rising: Ball Lightning (Storm Ability), Fabricator (Refinement Station), Empty Canister (Consumable), and Radium Alloy (Resource).

  • Ball Lightning: Launch a Ball Lightning that lingers in place, periodically shocking a nearby enemy and inflicting Static. Deals up to 180% mafic damage per target over 3s. Ball Lightning’s total damage cannot exceed 450% magic damage. Explodes after the duration dealing 50% magic damage in the area.
  • Fabricator: This is a new refinement station for assembling materials: Canister, Power Core, EMP, Copper Coins, Silver Coins, and Goldsun Coins. Crafting it requires 200x Tech Scrap + 18x Iron Ingot.
  • Empty Canister: This empty canister is useful as a toxic liquid container. Use it near a toxic liquid source to fill it. It can be refined by the Fabricator.
  • Radium Alloy: This is a new type of metal found in Gloomrot or refined in a Furnace.

Ziva the Engineer's V Blood description reads:

The beloved head engineer of weapons at the Machine Factory, Ziva is the embodiment of perfectly delightful destruction. Truly in love with her deadly experiments, she is always at the forefront at pushing for greater means of bringing a suitably painful and spectacular death to whoever ends up on the wrong end of her unstable technology. Which end often changes from trigger pull to trigger pull.


And that's everything you need to know about how to beat Ziva the Engineer in V Rising. But why stop there? Did you know we have an expansive library of in-depth V Rising boss guides? Yep! No kidding. Learn how to beat baddies like Gorecrusher the Behemoth, The Winged Horror, and Solarus the Immaculate right now!

V Rising Ziva The Engineer: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Ziva the Engineer in V Rising?

Ziva the Engineer can be found in the Trancendum Machine Factory of Gloomrot South in V Rising.

What are the recommended abilities for defeating Ziva the Engineer?

For defeating Ziva, we recommend using Veil of Chaos or Veil of Illusion as travel abilities, Ward of the Damned and Phantom Aegis as defensive abilities, and Corrupted Skull and Bone Explosion as offensive abilities.

What rewards do I receive for defeating Ziva the Engineer in V Rising?

Defeating Ziva the Engineer rewards you with Ball Lightning (Storm Ability), Fabricator (Refinement Station), Empty Canister (Consumable), and Radium Alloy (Resource).