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V Rising Boss Tier List (2023) – Strongest Blood Carriers

Here's the official V Rising tier list, featuring all V Blood bosses ranked from the "least to most likely to be stabbed."
V Rising Boss Tier List (2023) – Strongest Blood Carriers

V Rising features various bosses that you can beat with your skills. While some can be defeated easily, others need you to grind harder. According to the V Blood tier list, these bosses are ranked "least to most likely to be stabbed," including Styx himself. Whether players agree with the tier list, let's look at all 37 bosses ranked from the best to the worst in V Rising.

V Blood Boss Tier List - Strongest Bosses In V Rising

V Rising developer Stunlock Studios posted the tier list to the game's official Twitter account featuring all V Blood bosses ranked from the best to the least favorable. Whether the developer is trolling its player base or not, we have detailed all the bosses ranked below.

V Rising Tier Rank Description:

v rising tier list guide s-tier a-tier b-tier c-tier d-tier v blood bosses ranked
Stunlock Studios revealed their tier list of all V Blood bosses ranked. (Picture: Twitter/ VRisingGame)
  • S-Tier: These are the most powerful V Blood bosses and likely the best in-game. Additionally, these are the bosses many will enjoy facing or struggle to overcome; however, be advised to have the best armor and weapons equipped or perish at the attacks.
  • A-Tier: While not the best in-game, these bosses have tremendous potential to be an S-Tier; however, certain weapons or abilities prevent them from being in the top tier.
  • B-Tier: The standard or average V Blood bosses can provide a challenge or be slightly underwhelming when encountering them. They may require quality updates to nerf or buff their abilities and improve their skill sets.
  • C-Tier: These bosses are sometimes not worth encountering, which could be due to their abilities and skill sets making them much worse than previously.
  • D-Tier: These bosses are simply the worst or the easiest to defeat in-game. While they don't require much strategy before the fight, they're the most forgiving bosses to face despite their flaws or complicated skill sets.


v rising tier strongest boss styx
Styx is considered the strongest V Blood boss in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / Strange Religion)


v rising tier list guide a-tier v blood boss alpha wolf
All bloodthirsty vampires should fear this dominant V Blood boss, the Alpha Wolf. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)


v rising tier list guide b-tier v blood boss the duke of balaton
Defeating The Duke of Balaton will reward you with the Toad Form. (Picture: YouTube / NexxTV)
  • Keely the Frost Archer
  • Rufus the Foreman
  • Errol the Stonebreaker
  • Lidia the Chaos Archer
  • Grayson the Armourer
  • Goreswine the Ravager
  • Putrid Rat
  • Clive the Firestarter
  • Polora the Feywalker
  • Ferocious Bear
  • Nicholaus the Fallen
  • Quincey the Bandit King
  • Vincent the Frostbringer
  • Terah the Geomancer
  • Frostmaw the Mountain Terror
  • Octavian the Militia Captain
  • Ungora the Spider Queen
  • The Duke of Balaton
  • Foulrot the Soultaker
  • Mairwyn the Elementalist
  • Morian the Stormwing Matriarch
  • Terrorclaw the Ogre
  • Matka the Curse Weaver
  • Gorecrusher the Behemoth
  • The Winged Horror


v rising boss tier list v blood boss jade the vampire hunter
Frustrating and difficult to encounter, you can easily defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter. (Picture: YouTube / Demone Kim)


v rising tier list v blood boss beatrice the tailor
Beatrice the Tailor is the worst boss in V Rising. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Do you agree with the V Rising tier list listed above? Which V Blood bosses should move up or down the tiers, and who requires a nerf or buff? Please share your thoughts with me on Twitter.