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How to remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising

Garlic is one of the strongest defenses against vampires, granting them the Garlic Debuff. Here's how to remove it and what to use in V Rising.
How to remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising

Vampires have their fair share of weaknesses, and in V Rising, none is more significant than the pungent scent of Garlic. Garlic is used in-game as a deterrent from vampires as its effects can stack, which can cause serious problems.

Much like the harmful rays of the Sun, its effects are quite damaging if it reaches their maximum, but there are ways to overcome this debuff. This guide details how the Garlic Debuff affects you and how to remove its effects in V Rising.

What is the Garlic Debuff in V Rising?

Vampires are bestowed incredible power and abilities to overwhelm any opponent in the vast lands of Vardoran; however, there is one thing that is still the bane of their existence. Garlic has incredible power and potency, which can be detrimental to your survival in-game.

v rising guide garlic debuff what is garlic debuff villages garlic ward off enemies
Various villages across Vardoran will ward off vampires by using Garlic to protect them. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

You’ll encounter villages that utilize Garlic to ward off vampires from entering their territories throughout your explorations. You’ll receive an in-game prompt alerting you that you have been exposed to Garlic, which will start to affect you.

The Garlic Debuff may sound trivial at first; however, the effect should be concerning. This debuff will start stacking following exposure which weakens you and increases your chances of being attacked from greater distances.

The Garlic Debuff impacts your Resistance Points as the higher the Garlic Debuff stacks, the more powerful its effects will have on you and the more Resistance Points you will lose. This debuff stacks for a maximum of 100 times, where for every stack, your damage taken will increase by 1% and decrease your damage output by 0.5%.

v rising guide garlic debuff how to increase garlic resistance character stats
The Garlic Debuff's effects stack to its maximum increasing damage taken by 100%, and your damage output towards enemies will be at 50%. (Picture: YouTube / FireSpark81)

What this means at its maximum is that you’ll take 100% damage from enemies while your damage output will deal only 50% to enemies. It does, however, take some time for the effects to wear off and regain one Resistance Point for every 20 seconds that pass, which is vital to leave the area immediately after exposure.

As you regain your Resistance Points and slowly remove the debuff, another downside to the Garlic Debuff is that you will smell like Garlic, which can alert enemies and bosses to track you down. There are a few additional ways to help boost your Garlic Resistance to prevent losing precious time and save your Resistance Points

How to remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising?

As mentioned before, evading the area following exposure can help prevent the effects from stacking. Additionally, other alternatives can help increase your resistance to Garlic significantly and prevent the effects from impacting your Resistance Points.

v rising guide garlic debuff how to remove increase garlic resistance character stats
To slowly decrease the Garlic Debuff's effects, you'll need to increase your resistance to Garlic. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

The following items can help players increase their Resistances, including Garlic, once consumed or equipped:

  • Phantom Veil cloak
  • Minor Garlic Resistance Brew
  • Garlic Resistance Potion
  • Bear Form

You can acquire the blueprint for the Phantom Veil cloak after defeating Foulrot the Soultaker, a Level 62 V Blood carrier boss in the Cursed Forest. Using the blueprint, crafting, and equipping the cloak will increase multiple resistances as it will grant you a +15 Garlic Resistance Rating.

Two consumables can help increase your Garlic Resistance, such as the Minor Garlic Resistance Brew and the Garlic Resistance Potion. The Minor Garlic Resistance Brew, obtained once Polora the Feywalker is defeated, increases Garlic Resistance by 25 for 1200 seconds.

v rising guide garlic debuff how to remove increase garlic resistance bear form
Bear Form will increase all resistances, including Garlic, by 25 and recover health faster over time. (Picture: YouTube / FireSpark81)

On the other hand, you can obtain Garlic Resistance Potion after beating Clive the Firestarter in the Farbane Woods. Consuming this potion will increase Garlic Resistance by 30 for 1200 seconds.

Lastly, vampire powers are often overlooked as players don't realize how beneficial their effects are. For example, the Bear Form is one such vampire power that can increase all resistance by 25 and regenerates health much faster while in this form.

The best strategy is to equip the cloak and drink the potions before using Bear Form to bump your Garlic Resistance to at least 90. Of course, you'll recover any health lost during this period, but it helps to remain inactive and preferably in your castle to avoid getting attacked.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.