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V Rising Ferocious Bear: How To Beat & Unlock Bear Form

Learn how to unlock Bear Form in V Rising, including the location of the Ferocious Bear boss and how to beat it.
V Rising Ferocious Bear: How To Beat & Unlock Bear Form

Unleash your inner vampire lord as you awaken in the captivating world of Vardoran in the highly acclaimed survival game by Stunlock Studios, V Rising. Among the myriad thrilling features, discovering and unlocking new Shapeshifting Forms for your character stand out, including the coveted Bear Form.

That said, many players want to know how to find and defeat the Ferocious Bear in V Rising. And that's where this guide comes in. We will equip you with the strategies to emerge victorious in battle and unlock the Bear Form, detailing the precise location of the Ferocious Bear in the game. So embark on a journey that ensures your triumph, and get ready to conquer the night!

Updated on 19 May 2023: We've updated this page to reflect all the changes in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update released on 17 May 2023. 

V Rising: Ferocious Bear Location


Before you can engage the formidable Level 35 V Blood Carrier, it is essential to pinpoint its exact location. Fortunately, you won't need to track this boss at all. The image above clearly shows you where to find Ferocious Bear in V Rising. Specifically, you'll find the boss on the eastern part of the Farbane Woods, in the Bear Cave.

To maximize your chances of success, it is advisable to ensure your Gear Score matches or exceeds this level requirement. Additionally, considering the formidable nature of the boss, enlisting the assistance of a friend or ally can greatly enhance your chances of emerging victorious in this intense battle.

V Rising: How To Beat Ferocious Bear

Before taking on the Ferocious Bear, ensure you have a strong enough weapon (Merciless Iron or better, preferably) and armor. You'll also probably want to craft a few Vermin Salves to heal and consume an Enchanted Brew before the fight to enhance your spell power. Having a Scholar Blood Type with high Blood Quality percentage will further augment your spell damage; however, Brute and Creature blood may be better for healing or damage reduction.

While killing the Ferocious Bear in V Rising might be easier using a Crossbow and ranged spells such as Chaos Volley and Aftershock, you can also use a Sword build to take it down. Still, there are a few attacks to watch out for, such as a ground slam attack and debris falling from the ceiling, telegraphed by red circles after an attack. The boss also has a charge attack while enraged, which means you should get out of the way using a Travel Ability like Veil of Chaos or Veil of Blood as soon as possible.


Another important note is that the Ferocious Bear attacks faster while enraged, and every attack that hits inflicts players with an Ensnare debuff. This is why fighting as a duo or carefully learning the boss' attack patterns is recommended. However, remember that Ferocious Bear will scale in difficulty with more players in the area. The strategy should focus on drawing the attention of the Ferocious Bear boss off any singular player.

Otherwise, if you're taking the Ferocious Bear on as a solo player, you'll also probably want to use a defensive spell like Blood Rite. If properly timed, you can block melee and projectile attacks while applying the Leech debuff to the Bear to regain some HP. Finally, Phantom Aegis and Chaos Barrier are equally useful defensive skills, providing a unit target shield that can be recast to launch a chaos projectile. 

V Rising: Ferocious Bear Rewards - Bear Form


After defeating the formidable Ferocious Bear in V Rising, you will unlock Fur Rugs and the coveted Bear Form, which bestows several advantageous perks: +25% Resistance increase, +15% movement speed, +25% damage reduction, and enhanced health regeneration. These attributes fortify your character, making them more resilient and formidable in combat.

Another advantage of the Bear Form is the ability to destroy blockades, including the entrance to Quincey the Bandit King's stronghold. This will eliminate the need to farm Sulphur or craft Explosives to overcome such obstacles. In Bear Form, you possess the raw strength to dismantle these barriers, providing enhanced mobility and access to previously restricted areas.

Note: Bear Form's attack power and level are also defined by whatever weapon you have equipped. This will impact how effective resource gathering is and limit what mineral nodes may be destroyed when using weapons with different gear levels.

Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.

V Rising Ferocious Bear: How To Beat & Unlock Bear Form FAQ

Where can I find the Ferocious Bear in V Rising?

The Ferocious Bear can be found in the eastern part of the Farbane Woods in V Rising in the Bear Cave.

How do I defeat the Ferocious Bear in V Rising and unlock the Bear Form?

Consider crafting potions for healing and consuming an Enchanted Brew for enhanced spell power. Watch out for the boss's ground slam and charge attacks. Fight in a duo if possible or learn the boss's attack patterns carefully. Use defensive spells like Phantom Aegis, Chaos Barrier, or Blood Rite.

What rewards do I receive for defeating the Ferocious Bear in V Rising?

Defeating the Ferocious Bear unlocks Fur Rugs and the Bear Form, which provides a resistance increase, movement speed boost, damage reduction, and enhanced health regeneration.