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V Rising Mace Build - Best weapon, abilities, and ultimate

Overpower your enemies with our guide on the mace build in V Rising including the best weapon, abilities, and ultimate
V Rising Mace Build - Best weapon, abilities, and ultimate

While V Rising offers many weapons and abilities for players to use, when it comes to brute-forcing your way through the battle and playing aggressively, the Mace build is one of the best options you have to choose from. Using it in combination with specific abilities and skills in the game can result in an extremely powerful and deadly Mace build.

This guide will show you exactly how to put your very own Mace build together in V Rising. From the abilities that you need to the recommended ultimate for your build, we will be covering everything and more below.

V Rising Mace Build - Best Weapon Abilities

V Rising Mace Build Best Weapon, Abilities, And Ultimate Crushing blow is one of the best abilities for the mace build
Crushing blow is an ideal ability for the aggressive nature of the mace build. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

First off, since the Mace is of choice for your build, we recommend you opt for the Sanguine Mace as it is high up in the gear level status and deals massive amounts of damage to your foes.

From there, you need to add abilities to your Mace, to give it the extra damage and versatility you need. Below, we have outlined the best weapon abilities for the Mace build.

  • Crushing Blow is a forward leaping vault that deals 110% physical damage and offers high manoeuvrability as you can change direction mid-jump.

  • Smack is a frontal swing of the Mace dealing 50% physical damage and benefits from knocking opponents back and incapacitating them for 1.2 seconds.

Both of these weapon abilities work well on their own but are even better when used together. As they can be a compliment to the other and they allow you to stay moving while attacking.

V Rising Mace Build - Best Abilities

V Rising Mace Build Best Weapon, Abilities, And Ultimate Veil of frost gives the mace build good movement and shielding for attacking first
Veil of Frost is ideal for moving quickly and rushing through enemies to overpower them, while giving you a small shield to tank some extra hits. (Picture: Youtube / Redlaf)

Aside from the Mace itself having powerful abilities, you also need to equip the best abilities for a more aggressive style of play. Below, we have the best abilities for your character to emplore when using the Mace build.

  • Travel Ability - Viel of Frost allows you to dash forward and shield yourself while doing so for 123% of your shell power, giving you some defence while rushing enemies with your aggressive build. Following this up with an attack will yield 25% bonus damage and you conjure a frost nova that deals 50% magic damage and inflicts chill on nearby enemies.

  • First Basic Ability- Purgatory allows you to call down a pillar of light that slows down enemies in an area for one second and heals your allies for 40% of your spell power. Afterwards, it will explode, dealing 75% magic damage to nearby enemies and healing your allies for 75% of your spell power, an ability that is both useful to you and your party, yet deadly to your enemies.

  • Second Basic Ability - Chaos Volley is a more brute force and hard-hitting attack that gives you a ranged option as it launches two Chaos Bolts in succession at your enemies, dealing 125% magic damage and inflicts Chaos Burn.

V Rising Mace Build - Best Ultimate

V Rising Arctic Leap ultimate ability
Arctic leap is the ideal Ultimate for the Mace build that deals a lot of damage and locks enemies in place for you to mow them down with your powerful Mace. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

Last but not least, every build in V Rising must feature an ultimate attack, and the Mace build is no different. Here's our pick for the best Ultimate that you should pair with your Mace build.

  • Ultimate Ability - Arctic Leap is a devastating Area of Effect attack that allows you to leap into the air and strike down at your target location, dealing 225% magic damage. Afterwhich a nova of frost spikes emerge from the ground around you and emanate outward, freezing and enemy solid for up to 6 seconds, and vampire enemies are frozen for 3 seconds.

Finally, we recommend you use the Blood types of Scholar or Brute for your Mace build as they allow for setting up hard-hitting magic combos with your Mace abilities. The Brute allows you to take full advantage of the front line strength of your Mace build and raw power. For more on the Blood Types, check out our full guide on how to get 100% Blood types in V Rising.

We'd like to thank YouTube Channel Redlaf for their full guide on V Rising's best Mace Build. For more of their amazing content, consider subscribing to their channel. 

And for more on the game, head to our section dedicated to the latest V Rising guides, tips, news and more. 


Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Redlaf.