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V Rising World Map - All Regions & Best Progression Path

Here's the complete Vardoran world map in V Rising, including all the main regions and a progression path so you know where to go next.
V Rising World Map - All Regions & Best Progression Path

The vampire survival title V Rising from Swedish developer Stunlock Studios has seen its popularity rise on Steam since its Early Access release. The game features a massive open world called Vardoran, which sees players step into the boots of a weakened vampire, tasked with rebuilding their castle and surviving the cruel gaze of the sun.

It goes without saying that having a firm grasp of the V Rising world map is an important aspect of any player's journey. And that's where we come in. In this guide, we not only outline the complete V Rising world map but also provide prospective bloodsuckers with an overview of the best progression path to take.

Reminder: The V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update releases on 17 May 2023 and will introduce many new gameplay changes, which may affect the accuracy of the contents of this guide. In this regard, we will endeavor to update this page as soon as possible.

Full V Rising World Map - All Vardoran Regions

The V Rising Vardoran open-world map is massive and features six (6) main regions. Check out the complete world map for V Rising below, with all six main regions named: Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, Hallowed Mountains, Cursed Forest, Silverlight Hills, and Gloomrot (the newest region).

The new V Rising world map, including the Gloomrot region. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

That being said, players can expect several more updates to the V Rising world map, with the next presumed expansion likely being an extension of the Hallowed Mountains region. "We’ve got plenty of exciting ideas regarding what to do next, which could mean adding new places to explore, lore to discover, or improving and refining the current regions and inhabitants. You might even get the first hints of what’s to come if you visit that little area just northeast of Farbane," the developers said.

What Is The Best V Rising Progression Path?

V rising world map all regions best progression progress path Vardoran Farbane Woods Dunley Farmlands Cursed Forest Silverlight Hills Hallowed Mountains
Dunley Farmlands is filled with homesteads and arguably some easy prey. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

In V Rising, players need to rebuild their castle, gain abilities by defeating bosses (Blood Carriers), and increase their Gear Score to grow in power. Of course, there's a lot of lore and unique areas to discover as you progress in V Rising. To avoid spoilers, we will be giving you a general overview of which areas to visit on your progression path in order.

  1. Farbane Woods - The starting area is filled to the brim with early-game resources. Therefore, we suggest clearing every nook and cranny of Farbane Woods.
  2. Dunley Farmlands - Nearly as massive as Farbane Woods, we suggest heading to Dunley Farmlands next to feast on new victims. It is filled with homesteads and easy victims and features a large Iron Mine that you can scavenge.
  3. Cursed Forest - Depending on how much of Dunley Farmlands and Farbane Woods you've cleared, we suggest heading to the Cursed Forest next via the path on the northeast side of Dunley Farmlands. Unfortunately, this area is annoyingly challenging, with the enemy difficulty ramping up here.
  4. Silverlight Hills - The next step in the best V Rising progression path is the late-game area: Silverlight Hills, accessible via a path on the northwestern side of Farbane Woods. It features the Brighthaven, the largest city in Vardoran, but endgame bosses are also in this region.
  5. Hallowed Mountains - This is a relatively early-to-midgame area, mostly only worth visiting in order to battle the two bosses: Frostmaw the Mountain Terror (level 56) and Terrorclaw the Ogre (level 68). Enter if you dare but remember to first clear most of the other areas in the game. This area will likely be expanded upon during the V Rising Early Access period.
  6. Gloomrot - The new expansion area. "A land of equal parts filth, ambition, brilliance, and madness! Navigate polluted valleys and lightning-scorched highlands to face the uncontrollable horrors of the Trancendum’s mutated experiments alongside the mechanical wonders born of their twisted imaginations. Suck the blood of the brilliantly insane to gain their knowledge and enter a new age of technology. This new biome will be almost the same size as Dunley Farmlands and is divided into two unique sections, Gloomrot South and Gloomrot North. Each area will bring a new wave of challenges, technologies, and enemies, both great and small, with plenty of space to stretch out and settle your multi-floor strongholds."

Remember that this is an open world, so if you like to head to another area first and not follow the best V Rising progression path outlined above, you can. But be prepared to run into some tough enemies. In case you missed it, check out the official V Rising Early Access launch trailer below, showcasing gameplay, various regions, enemies, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.

V Rising World Map - All Regions & Best Progression Path FAQ

How many regions are there in V Rising?

The V Rising world map features six main regions: Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, Hallowed Mountains, Cursed Forest, Silverlight Hills, and Gloomrot.

What is the best progression path to take in V Rising?

The best progression path in V Rising is Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, Cursed Forest, Silverlight Hills, Hallowed Mountains, and Gloomrot. However, players can explore any area they like.

What can players expect from the Gloomrot expansion in V Rising?

The Gloomrot expansion in V Rising introduces a new biome of equal parts filth, ambition, brilliance, and madness, featuring new challenges, technologies, enemies, and a new wave of horrors. The new expansion is divided into two unique sections, Gloomrot South and Gloomrot North.