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V Rising - How to raid Castles using explosive and Siege Golems

Raiding is an essential aspect of expanding your vampire empire. Here's how to raid a Castle in V Rising using Siege Golems and Explosives.
V Rising - How to raid Castles using explosive and Siege Golems

Raiding is an essential skill to master in V Rising, pivoting you closer to establishing your vampire dominion and becoming Dracula in Vardoran. This guide will explain how to raid a Castle in V Rising using Explosives and Siege Golems, effectively robbing your enemies of their hard-earned loot.

Unsurprisingly, raiding vampire enemies is arguably the most exciting aspect of V Rising, particularly after achieving the maximum level and defeating all the Blood Carriers in the game. It also predominates as the most frequented action in your battle over Soul Shards with other players.

V Rising raiding guide - How to raid Castles

how to raid castle in v rising
You can raid Castles in V Rising using explosives or Siege Golems. (Picture: YouTube / SprEEEzy)

Before we begin, we should note that the equipment and resources you will need vary depending on the type of fortress you are trying to siege.

Naturally, the most efficient approach would be to raid highly vulnerable players, such as those with weaker wooden palisade walls, which you can easily accomplish with explosives. However, we'll also explain how to raid tougher fortresses using Siege Golems later.

How to raid with explosives

To raid a Castle with wooden palisade walls, you'll need to craft at least five explosives to siege the base. You can learn more about how to craft explosives in our previous guide. However, bear in mind that this approach won't work against reinforced walls, which require more advanced sieging techniques.

how to raid castle destroy wooden palisade wall v rising
Use explosives to take down wooden palisade walls in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / SprEEEzy)

You'll have to set and detonate the explosives near the wall or gate to destroy it. Also, if the Castle you are raiding has additional layers of walls, you'll need to ensure you have sufficient explosives to destroy those too.

To craft five explosives, you'll need to gather the following basic material:

  • 8 x 5 = 40 Sulphur
  • 8 x 5 = 40 Planks
  • 4 x 5 = 20 Whetstone

It's advisable to raid Castles that you know contain valuable loot, especially given all the resources you're investing into the raid. So basically, ensure your invasion is worth it. It's also good practice to scout the Castle for weak spots, like one layer of wall, for an easy entrance.

Another thing to consider is whether your chosen entry point is near valuable gear, like Chests or Smelters. Also, once you've sieged a Castle, destroy the enemy's Castle Hearts and coffins. That way, if you're forced to battle them, your enemies won't respawn at the Castle, forcing you to fight them once again.

How to raid with Stone Siege Golems

To use the Siege Golems, you'll need to defeat the Level 48 boss, Terah the Geomancer, who will drop the recipe for the Stone Siege Golem. The description of the recipe reads:

"Place the Siege Stone in an uncontested location. It takes up to 150s for the stone to activate. When activated, you can interact with it to transform into a Siege Golem for up to 300s, allowing you to break into stone structures."

how to use siege golem raid castle v rising
You can use Siege Golems to destroy stone walls in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

In addition to this, you'll also need to possess a Gem Cutting Table and the following resources:

  • 200 Stone Bricks
  • 200 Gem Dust
  • 16 Scourgestone *
  • 12 Greater Blood Essence *

These resources are relatively easy to find, except for Scourgestones and Greater Blood Essence. If you struggle to find these materials, you can defeat the bosses Leandra the Shadow Priestess and Tristan the Vampire Hunter, who unlock the recipe to craft these materials, respectively.

Of course, you can also use explosives during your siege, which we've already explained how to use above.

siege golem raid castle v rising
Protect your Siege Golem while you use it to siege an enemy Castle. (Picture: YouTube / Redlaf)

Note: When you activate the Siege Golem, the entire V Rising server will be notified by the system of your summon, alerting everybody (including those not being raided) of the presence and location of your raid.

As mentioned in the recipe description, it takes just over 2 minutes for the Golem to activate, during which time other players can damage and destroy the Siege Golem entirely. So take care to protect the summon.

Once the Siege Golem is summoned, a player can control it using any of its three spells: a basic attack, a foot slam that deals area of effect damage, and a large arching swing attack. You can use the Golem and its spells to destroy the Castle walls and loot the enemy's base.

We want to thank the YouTube channels Redlaf and SprEEEzy for their detailed guides on how to raid in V Rising. Please be sure to give them some love by subscribing to their channels.

That's all about raiding. For more on the game, check our section dedicated to V Rising news, guides, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.