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V Rising Boss List: All V Blood Carrier Locations (Gloomrot Update)

Learn how to find and defeat every V Blood Carrier in V Rising with this boss list so you can increase your vampire power!
V Rising Boss List: All V Blood Carrier Locations (Gloomrot Update)

V Rising Bosses, also known as Blood Carriers, are crucial to the game, playing a significant role in your character's power growth. However, as you strive to establish your empire in Vardoran, defeating these formidable foes will become increasingly paramount to unlocking new structures, items, and abilities.

Yet, the question remains: how do you find and beat Blood Carriers in V Rising? Rest easy - this guide will equip you with all the knowledge necessary to track them down. We've even compiled an exhaustive list of every V Rising boss location, featuring the 13 latest arrivals destined for Gloomrot.

Updated on 4 June 2023: We've added a guide on how to beat Raziel. Of course, you can also find guides on defeating all the Gloomrot bosses below, too. We'll also have a detailed guide on how to beat more bosses soon.

V Rising Bosses: How To Find Blood Carriers

In the past, Blood Carriers were tracked through the Blood Altar; however, this structure was removed in the latest Secrets of Gloomrot update. Now, players can track V Bloods at any time via the new V Blood interface after completing the “Getting Ready for the Hunt” Journal Quest. When you activate tracking, a blood-red trail will emerge in front of your character.

You will also see a distance indicator displayed to tell you how close (or far) you are from the boss, as well as the direction they are located. In addition, a range indicator will be displayed in the Journal Quest panel. If the boss is dead, the unit will be displayed as a ghost instead, showing how long until the V Blood will respawn.

Note: All V Bloods drop health orbs upon reaching 50% health, healing players for a small amount of health. The number of orbs increases with the number of players in combat.


How To Find & Defeat Every Boss In V Rising

To make your gaming experience smoother, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all bosses in V Rising, complete with their exact locations, levels, and the rewards they grant upon defeat. For an in-depth guide on how to beat each V Blood Carrier, click on their respective links.

Note: We have highlighted the changes in the Secrets of Gloomrot update in bold.

Boss Level Location Rewards: Recipes, Powers & Structures
Alpha Wolf 16 Roams around the Farbane Woods Wolf Form
Errol the Stonebreaker 20 Bandit Copper Mine, Farbane Woods Aftershock, Big Stash
Rufus the Foreman 20 Bandit Logging Camp, Farbane Woods Blood Rage, Woodworking Bench, Traveler's Wrap, Empty Canteen, Leather, +Crossbow Weapon
Keely the Frost Archer 20 Bandit Trapper Camp, Farbane Woods Frost Bat, Tannery
Grayson the Armourer 27 Bandit Armory, Farbane Woods Phantom Aegis, Five Finger Workboards, Long Boards, Assortment of Statues, Whetstone
Goreswine the Ravager 27 Desecrated Graveyard, Farbane Woods Bone Explosion, Gravedigger Ring, Tomb, Nocturne Fences, Skeleton, Ghoul
Lidia the Chaos Archer 30 Roams around the Farbane Woods Chaos Volley, The Devourer, Leather Crafting Table, Small Bags
Putrid Rat 30

Summon from Vermin Nest

Rat Form 
(requires: 1x Unsullied Heart and 4x Gravedust)
Clive the Firestarter 30 Bandit Sulphur Quarry, Farbane Woods Veil of Chaos, Alchemy Table, Assortment of Enchanted Braziers, Assortment of Enchanted Torches, Sulphur, Minor Explosive Box
Polora the Feywalker 35 Gleaming Meadows, Farbane Woods Spectral Wolf, Golden Floors, Minor Garlic Resistance Brew, Large Growing Pots
Nicholaus the Fallen 35 Forgotten Cemetery, Farbane Woods Corrupted Skull, Paper Press
Ferocious Bear 35 Bear Cave, Farbane Woods Bear Form, Fur Rugs
Quincy the Bandit King 37 Bandit Stronghold, Farbane Woods Merciless Charge, Smithy, Tailoring Bench, Iron Ingot, Iron weapons, Hollowfang armor
Beatrice the Tailor 40 Dawnbreak Village, Dunley Farmlands Loom, Assortment of Curtains, Hunter's Cloak, Cloth, Cotton Yarn
Vincent the Frostbringer 44 Roams around the Dunley Farmlands Frost Barrier, Prison Cell, Prison Framework, Reinforced Plank
Kriig the Undead General 44 Church of the Damned and the Haunted Mine The ‘Undead Commander’ has regained his human form and is now a V Blood with some updated abilities

Reaper Weapon, Ward of the Damned.
Tristan the Vampire Hunter 44 Roams around the Farbane Woods Blood Hunter, Greater Blood Essence, Greatsword Weapon, Veil of Frost
Leandra the Shadow Priestess 47 Church of the Damned, Dunley Farmlands Death Knight, Jewelcrafting Table, Scourge Pendant, Scourgestone, Skeleton Priest, Dusk Caller
Grethel the Glassblower 47 Quartz Quarry, Dunley Farmlands New V Blood

Cyclone (Storm Ability), Glass, Glass Bottle, Blood Rose Potion
Christina the Sun Priestess 47 Roams around the Dunley Farmlands Blood Fountain, Wool Thread
Bane the Shadowblade 47 Roams around the Dunley Farmlands New V Blood

Veil of Bones (Ability), Human Form, Slashers, Bag (Small Coin Purse)
Maja the Dark Savant 47 Forbidden Tower, Dunley Farmlands New V Blood

Veil of Illusion (Ability), Study, Scroll
Terah the Geomancer 50 Bedrock Pass, Dunley Farmlands Spectral Guardian, Gem Cutting Table, Siege Golem Stone, Regular Gems
Meredith the Bright Archer 50 Haunted Iron Mine, Dunley Farmlands Veil of the Storm, Holy Resistance Potion
Frostmaw the Mountain Terror 57 Roams around the Hallowed Mountains Ice Nova, Medium Bags
Jade the Vampire Hunter 57 Roams around the Dunley Farmlands Chaos Barrage, Primal Blood Essence, Dual Pistols
Octavian the Militia Captian 57 Bastion of Dunley, Dunley Farmlands Raging Tempest, Dawnthorn armor, Wide Castle Entrances & Gates
Raziel the Shepherd 57 Dunley Monastery, Dunley Farmlands Crimson Beam, Jewlcrafting Table, Ancestral Forge
Angram the Purifier 60 Pools of Rebirth, Gloomrot New V Blood

Chaos Barrier (Chaos Ability), Mutated Rat, Major Explosives, Irradiant Gruel
Domina the Blade Dancer 60 Rustlock Village, Gloomrot New V Blood

Polarity Shift (Storm Ability), Local Castle Teleporters
Ziva the Engineer 60 Trancendum Machine Factory, Gloomrot New V Blood

Ball Lightning (Storm Ability), Fabricator (Refinement Station), Empty Cannister, Radium Alloy
Ungora the Spider Queen 62 Spider Cave, Cursed Forest Volatile Arachnid, Silk, Spiderling
The Old Wanderer 62 Roams around the Cursed Forest New V Blood

Shroud of the Forest (Cloak)
Willfred the Werewolf Chief 64 Gloomgrave Village, Dunley Farmlands Heart Strike, Silver Resistance Potion
The Duke of Balaton 64 Swamp of Greed, Cursed Forest Toad Form, Medium Coin Purse, Copper Coin, Silver Coin, Gold Coin
Foulrot the Soultaker 64 East Ancient Village, Cursed Forest Mist Trance, Spectral Dust, Banshee
Cyril the Cursed Smith 65 Cursed Village, Cursed Forest New V Blood

Wraith Spear (Illusion Ability), Anvil, Dark Silver Ingot
Sir Magnus the Overseer 66 Sacred Silver Mine, Silverlight Hills New V Blood

Ice Block (Ice Ability), Phantom's Veil (Cloak)
Morian the Stormwing Matriarch 70 Harpy Nest, Silverlight Hills Void, Flawless Gems
Mairwyn the Elementalist 70 Emberleaf Grove, Silverlight Hills Crystal Lance, Holy Resistance Flask, Greater Jewels
Terrorclaw the Ogre 70 Frozen Cave, Hallowed Mountains Arctic Leap, Large Bags
Baron du Bouchon the Sommelier 70 Brighthaven Vineyards, Silverlight Hills New V Blood

Sanguine Coil (Blood Ability), Blood Merlot Amulet (Magic Source), Barrel Disguise, Blood Merlot
Henry Blackbrew the Doctor 74 Trancendum Laboratories New V Blood

Discharge (Storm Ability), Athenaeum, Schematic
Azariel the Sunbringer 74 Brighthaven Cathedral, Silverlight Hills Power Surge, Gold Ingot, Large Coin Purse
Matka the Curse Weaver 77 Nest of the Curse Weaver, Cursed Forest Unstable Mosquito, Ghost Yarn, Mosquito
Voltatia the Power Master 77 Trancendum Power Plant, Gloomrot New V Blood

Lightning Curtain (Storm Ability), Power Core, EMP
Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer 79 Roams around the Cursed Forest Bat Form, Soulburn (Unholy Ability), Onyx Tear, Legendary Weapon Shards
Solarus the Immaculate 80 Fortress of Light, Silverlight Hills No longer a Shard Bearer.

Summon Fallen Angel
Gorecrusher the Behemoth 82 Lair of the Behemoth, Cursed Forest Wisp Dance, Soul Shard of the Behemoth
The Winged Horror 83 Dreaded Peak, Farbane Woods Frost Vortex, Soul Shard of the Winged Horror
Adam the Firstborn 83 Doctor Blackbrew's Castle, Gloomrot North New V Blood

Eye of the Storm (Storm Ability), Soul Shard of the Monster

And that concludes our guide on all the V Blood Carrier bosses in V Rising.

Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.

V Rising Boss List: All V Blood Carrier Locations (Gloomrot Update) FAQ

Where can I find a list of all the Blood Carriers in V Rising?

Right here! You can view a comprehensive list of Blood Carriers in V Rising on your guide page, including their locations, levels, and rewards upon defeat. Each boss has a dedicated guide for beating them.

Are there any new Blood Carriers in V Rising?

Yes, the Secrets of Gloomrot update introduces 13 new Blood Carriers in V Rising.