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V Rising Bosses guide - How to find Blood Carriers

Find and defeat Blood Carriers aka V Rising bosses to increase your power and earn more loot.
V Rising Bosses guide - How to find Blood Carriers

Bosses are a major part of the V Rising gameplay loop, and these enemies that are also referred to as Blood Carriers are integral to power. Considering your own character is determined to build their own empire, these Blood Carriers need to be taken down one by one.

There are quest lines in the game that provide materials and explain the world, but most of them will not lead to bosses outright. Instead, there are structures and altars used that lead to the location of a Blood Carrier. V Rising is full of these boss carriers, and they will all play a part in your character's power.

V Rising - How to find Blood Carrier bosses

v rising blood path
Follow the path to find the carrier. (Picture: YouTube / Never Nathaniel)

The first step to finding the Blood Carriers in V Rising is using the right structure in your base. When you follow the steps of the main quests, you will eventually be tasked with constructing a Blood Altar in the area. Most structures in the game have a few uses, but the altar is very specific. It will lead you to certain bosses around the map.

When Blood Altars are interacted with, there is a list of Blood Carriers or bosses from within V Rising. Each one has a level and a description given to its character. Under their character cards, you will find an option to track their blood or stop tracking if you want to move on. 

With the tracking option enabled, a blood-red streak will appear ahead of your character. This can be initiated whenever you need it as it serves to show the way to the boss's location. Wherever the red line is pointing in the vague direction of the boss.

The immediate location will not be used on the map, so there are no map markers to give you an easy search for these bosses. Some of them will roam, while others will remain static. Either way, following the trail, will eventually bring you to a carrier.

Using descriptions to find a Blood Carrier location

v rising blood carrier bosses
Check out the descriptions for more location information. (Picture: YouTube / Never Nathaniel)

While using blood tracking is the most immediate way to find a boss, it isn't the only method. Building a Blood Altar with a full list of boss characters also comes with the descriptions of each. These descriptions will outline their motives and where they hang out.

Any bosses that have a location outlined in their description can usually be found in a specific area. The map in V Rising is split up into plenty of different small regions. That means a small region mentioned in a description will make finding the boss that much easier.

This won't work for bosses that move around to multiple locations. But that's why it's best to use both methods in tandem. If a boss is moving, then simply use the Blood Tracking to pick up their trail.

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