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V Rising Putrid Rat guide - How to unlock and locations

Putrid Rat is a boss in V Rising that you can't track from the Blood Altar. This guide explains how to summon Putrid Rat and unlock its power.
V Rising Putrid Rat guide - How to unlock and locations

V Rising is a new vampire survival adventure game in which crafting special items and workstations are as important as fighting vicious monsters for new abilities and weapons. One such mysterious enemy is the Putrid Rat.

Unlike other bosses, you can't track the location of Putrid Rat from the Blood Altar. While tracking and defeating Putrid Rat isn't necessarily difficult, summoning proves tedious. But don't worry because this guide will explain where you can find Putrid Rat and how to unlock its power. 

How to summon Putrid Rat in V Rising

vermin nest v rising
You will need Vermin Nest to summon Putrid Rat in V Rising. (Picture: Youtube -GameGuidesChannel / Stunlock Studios)

Putrid Rat is the only enemy listed in the Blood Altar that you can't directly track. So, first and foremost, you have to build a Vermin Nest. You will find it in the Refinement section of the Production tab.

Building a Vermin Nest will cost you -

  • 360 Stone
  • 120 Bones

Activate the Vermin Nest, and you will notice an option to refine/summon Putrid Rat. However, for doing so, you will require -

  • 8 Grave Dust
  • 4 Fish Bone
  • 1 Twilight Snapper

You can find Grave Dust by looting chests in enemy encampments. You can craft Fish Bone using the Grinder in V Rising. For Twilight Snapper, you will need to go fishing. Finding Twilight Snapper isn't difficult, though you will need a Fishing Rod, which you can craft for 8 Planks, 4 Copper Ingots, and 4 Coarse Thread.

Once you have collected the resources mentioned above, go back to Vermin Nest and summon the Putrid Rat. Thankfully, you won't have to track it as the boss will spawn in your Castle. 

How to beat Putrid Rat in V Rising

putrid rat boss v rising
Defeat Putrid Rat to unlock the Rat form in V Rising. (Picture: Youtube - GameGuidesChannel / Stunlock Studios)

Putrid Rat isn't a challenging boss encounter in V Rising. However, since the battle takes place inside the confined space of your Castle, you may have trouble avoiding some of its attacks, like the one where it sends a swarm of rats toward you. 

We recommend doing melee damage to clear the crowd quickly and focus your attention back on Putrid Rat. Defeating Putrid Rat will grant you the Rat form, which you can use to sneak into enemy bases without getting detected.

That's everything you need to know about Putrid Rat in V Rising. 

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.