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V Rising Servant guide – The best servant types and abilities

Once you've learned how to get servants in V Rising, you'll want to know which types and abilities best suit your needs.
V Rising Servant guide – The best servant types and abilities

Once you've converted a few enemies and NPCs into becoming your servants, managing them is essential in V Rising. In particular, you'll want to learn more about their Blood Type, stats, buffs, faction and servant type, and abilities to embrace their usefulness fully.

Using these servant types and abilities can help you in various ways, which can be crucial to your character progression. This guide details the best servant types available to players in V Rising and their abilities.

All Servant Types and Abilities in V Rising

Servants can assist you by completing tasks, going on missions, and defending your castle from enemies and creatures beyond the castle walls. Additionally, they can be sent out to farm resources from forests and mines while you're raiding enemy castles and dungeons.

v rising servant guide servant types abilities defend castle
You can assign servants to defend your castle during raids based on their type and abilities on offer. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Once you've converted an enemy or NPC into your servant, you can hover over their profile to view their stats, skills, and Blood Type. They also have a faction type that grants you a unique perk, like a boost in farming resources, depending on where you first located them.

Quite similar to Blood Types, servants are broken down into the following types, their servant skills, and the associated Blood Types:

  • Tenacious Strength: This servant can decrease hunting difficulty by 100 when in brutal environments; has the Brute Blood Type
  • Tracking Expertise: This servant can reduce hunting difficulty in locations that spawn creatures, demons, and other monsters by 100; it has the Rogue Blood Type.
  • Sacred Resistance: This servant can reduce hunting difficulty in locations guarded by spells and incantations; it has the Scholar Blood Type.
  • Military Tactics: When in stronghold locations, this servant can reduce the difficulty by 100; it has the Warrior Blood Type.
  • Humble Appearance: When entering villages, towns, and other settlements, these servants can reduce the difficulty by 100; it has the Worker Blood Type.

What is the best Servant Type in V Rising?

Utilizing your servants' type and unique abilities, you can send them to collect and harvest resources from villages, towns, other settlements, mines, and bandit camps. Their expertise level will indicate their success rate at collecting and gathering in the area.

v rising servant guide servant types abilities farming harvesting resources
Using the Castle Throne, you can send out servants to farm resources within forests and mines. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

You can also utilize this to determine the success rate of guarding your castle during enemy raids, as long as you remember to equip gear and weapons. If they're under-level, you can equip gear to boost their expertise; however, you may need to find a new servant if they're still under-leveled.

Deciding which servant type would be best to keep around your castle depends on your preferred needs and playstyle. The Humble Appearance is arguably the best servant type in V Rising due to its farming perks, especially when you don't have the human form unlocked. This makes having access to valuable resources required for building and crafting.

Generally, the Tenacious Strength type would be the best to have as it's more accessible, especially during the game's early stages when building and crafting are the main priority. However, later in the game, you may want servants with the Military Tactics type. These servants can protect and defend your castle against enemies and creatures, which has its bonus when you're busy raiding on PvE or PvP servers.

v rising servant guide servant types abilities death dying revive summon
If your servants die during missions, you can summon them back to the castle using your Blood Pool. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

It's also important to note that you can revive your servants should they die when protecting your castle using blood. They'll be resurrected but not in their last known location; instead, they'll return to the coffin.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.