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How To Get & Use Servants In V Rising

Needing an extra pair of hands to complete tasks around the castle? Here's how to get and use servants in V Rising.
How To Get & Use Servants In V Rising

The life of a vampire can be a solitary experience, except for the PvP modes in V Rising. While doing chores and other menial tasks can be daunting, there is a way to breathe life back into your castle and focus on more pressing tasks. In particular, this includes learning how to get servants in V Rising.

Adding servants can benefit your success in this isometric survival game, providing a more efficient means of obtaining valuable resources or defending your castle. This is, of course, bolstered by their broad range of unique stats and perks. This helpful guide will explain how to unlock servants and how to use them in V Rising.

Reminder: The V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update releases on 17 May 2023 and will introduce many new gameplay changes, which may affect the accuracy of the contents of this guide. In this regard, we will endeavor to update this page as soon as possible.

How To Get Servants In V Rising

v rising servants guide army of darkness quest npc convert dominating presense ability
Once you've located an NPC to convert, get their HP down before using the Dominating Presence ability to begin converting them. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Players who require assistance around their castle should enlist a few servants to help with their daily responsibilities. Before you can get a servant, you'll need to find an NPC to convert. Once found, reduce their HP by attacking them and using your "Dominating Presence" ability. You can find this ability in the Ctrl wheel. We've detailed the specific steps below.

  • Find and attack a human being by bringing their health down to a least 30%
  • Using your keyboard, press the Ctrl key, and from the skill wheel, select the Dominating Presence ability
  • Use the R key to convert the human being
  • Bring the human being back to your castle before interacting with a Servant Coffin.
  • While interacting with a Servant Coffin, select “Convert” to complete the process.

It’s important to remember that upgrading the Castle Heart allows you to have more Servant Coffins within your castle. This increases the maximum number of servants you can have; however, it does require Greater Blood Essense, Wooden Planks, and Copper Bars to build a Servant Coffin.

While the extra work may seem tedious, especially locating a worthy human to convert and build a Servant Coffin, having servants ready to do your bidding is rewarding. Having an extra set of hands or more will give you access to a broad range of resources, stats, and perks each servant possesses.

How To Use Servants In V Rising

v rising servants guide army of darkness quest servant coffin converting
Bring the NPC back to your castle and place them inside a Servant Coffin to complete the process and the quest. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Once you’ve successfully converted humans into becoming your servant and have enough Servant Coffins built, you’ll need to know your servants better by learning their stats and perks. No two servants are the same, as different types of servants offer unique bonuses and resources you could use based on the following factors:

  • Blood type: This determines each servant's perks. For example, Scholar blood types will have perks on spells and spellcasting.
  • Blood type quality: Depending on the servants’ blood type quality will determine how efficient their expertise will be. The higher the expertise percentage is, the better perks you’ll receive.
  • Faction: This depends on where you’ve sourced your servants. For example, servants from the Farbane Woods will have a bonus perk applicable to conducting missions in that region.
  • Gear: Any equipment and armor you’ve equipped for your servants will increase their gear stats and resource yield, so holding onto gear will be more valuable long-term -- this benefit extends to broken gear, too!

With the servants converted and ready to do your bidding, you can send them out for work. You can do this from the Castle Throne, where you can enlist them in missions by harvesting materials, farming resources, or hunting. By browsing the World Map, you can view the available regions and what resources and materials they offer. Additionally, by looking at each servant's faction, you can check whether their mission will succeed in that specific area.

You can compare the stats once you've selected the area you wish to send your servants out to, and based on their power, servant perks like faction will determine their success rate. If they meet the stats required for the mission, the success rate will significantly boost, and vice versa if they don't have the necessary stats. Lastly, if the servant's skills have become obsolete, you can return to the Servant Coffin to terminate them. Then, you can use the empty Servant Coffin for the next NPC you convert into your servant.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Vulkan for their complete tutorial on acquiring and using servants in V Rising. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.

How To Get & Use Servants In V Rising FAQ

How do I get servants in V Rising?

Find an NPC to convert and reduce their HP before using the Dominating Presence ability. Bring them back to your castle and interact with a Servant Coffin to complete the process.

How can I use servants effectively in V Rising?

Learn each servant's unique stats and perks, such as blood type, blood type quality, faction, and gear. Send them out for work by enlisting them in missions from the Castle Throne and checking their success rate.

How can I terminate servants in V Rising?

Return to the Servant Coffin and terminate the servant if their skills have become obsolete. Then, you can use the empty Servant Coffin for the next NPC you convert into your servant.