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V Rising Weapons Tier List – Best weapons ranked from best to worst

Every weapon has a purpose, and it's no different in V Rising, as we compiled the weapons tier list to prepare you for PvE and PvP battles.
V Rising Weapons Tier List – Best weapons ranked from best to worst

V Rising has a unique approach to its combat system that grants players enough power and damage output across all weapons. Depending on the preferred playstyle, some weapons are more favourable for PvE and PvP, with some ranked higher than others.

While there may not be a "one size fits all" type of weapon, it's best to bring a few that best suit your needs. We took all weapons available in V Rising and ranked them based on their skills, accessibility, damage output, and more.

All V Rising weapons ranked from best to worst

v rising weapon tier list weapon types classes enemies v blood carriers vampire hunters
With seven different weapon types available, each has specific skills unique to the weapon that can benefit different combat settings. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - (Video Game DataBank))

V Rising features seven different weapons to aid players against dangerous threats such as environmental enemies, hunters, and V Blood Carrier bosses. While having a preferred weapon can be beneficial against most bosses; however, sometimes, it takes a specific weapon to determine life and death.

Each weapon has a default attack and two special abilities that can only be unlocked through upgrading it. The weapon's tier determines these abilities at that given time, and by upgrading, it increases its power and damage output and its casting and cooldown time.

Starting the game, all players will use wooden or bone-reinforced weapons, which only have the main or basic attack. But through upgrades, you'll unlock the copper and iron tiers, which gives you access to the weapon's secondary skill or techniques.

It's crucial for players to be aware that the iron tiers for the Reaper and Slasher weapons are only available once they've defeated Quincey the Bandit King. This grants you access to craft iron weapons as you'll gain the blueprint for the Smithy workstation.

v rising weapon tier list weapon types classes iron tier quincey the bandit king
To unlock the Smithy workstation, you'll need to defeat Quincey the Bandit King. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Essentially, having more than one weapon available can be more efficient for PvE and PvP modes, especially when there's valuable loot as a reward. We've pulled all the data and ranked each weapon type and their abilities to determine which is more suited to use in V Rising.

V Rising S-Tier Weapons – Slashers

v rising weapon tier list weapon types classes slashers s-tier best weapons
The Slashers are considered to be one of the best weapons in V Rising. (Picture: YouTube / Ser Medieval)
  • Main attack: the slashers has a three-hit melee attack that deals 27.5% / 27.5% / 35% damage
  • First skill - Slasher Skill: Elusive Strike: dart back and forth at your enemies and deal 60% damage while stunning them for two seconds for every hit
  • Second technique - Camouflage: enter an invisibility state that increases movement speed by 25% for three seconds. Your first attack in this state deals 80% damage while disabling targeted enemies for three seconds. This skill can be interrupted if you use another skill which breaks the camouflage.

The Slasher can be an effective weapon for a rogue-like/assassin playstyle. The Camouflage skill is excellent for ganking enemies if players are looking to make use of it.

V Rising S-Tier Weapons – Swords

v rising weapon tier list weapon types classes sword s-tier best weapons
A widely popular weapon, the Sword has a unique skill that launches enemies into the air to perform a striking attack. (Picture: YouTube / Ser Medieval)
  • Main attack: the sword has a three-hit melee attack that deals 35% / 35% / 40% damage
  • First skill - Whirlwind: a spinning attack that slashes nearby enemies to deal 35% damage every 0.25 seconds for around 1.1 seconds. It has a cooldown of eight seconds once it's been used.
  • Second skill - Shockwave: a projectile attack that launches a shockwave, sending enemies into the sky. Recasting it will teleport the enemies towards you where you can perform three strikes which deal 25% damage per strike. It has a cooldown of eight seconds, while casting takes 0.6 seconds.

The Whirlwind skill can be great in a PvP setting as it deals with crowd control damage. Additionally, the Shockwave skill can be well-utilised, especially when players are trying to run away, and in PvE, it can disorientate bosses.

V Rising A-Tier Weapons – Spears

v rising weapon tier list weapon types classes spear a tier good weapons
The Spear could be ineffective for players to wield in PvE situations. (Picture: YouTube / Ser Medieval)
  • Main attack: a three-hit ranged melee attack combo dealing 40% / 40% / 50% damage
  • First skill - A Thousand Spears: initiate a multiple stabbing attack that deals 30% damage eight times. Once you've recast this skill during its effect, you will perform a thrusting attack which pushes enemies back and deals 50% damage.
  • Second skill - Harpoon: launches the Spear to pull enemies towards you to deal 70% damage.

The Spear may be an unpopular weapon amongst players; however, it can be effective in boss battles and most PvE situations. We advise not to use this weapon for PvP as Spear's skills will lock you in a position and are front-facing attacks that can't hit moving targets.

V Rising A-Tier Weapons – Axes

v rising weapon tier list weapon types classes axes a-tier good weapons
Channel your inner Viking to duel-wield Axes to stun and inflict damage to your enemies. (Picture: YouTube / Ser Medieval)
  • Main attack: the axe has a three-hit slicing attack that deals 45% / 45% / 55% damage
  • First skill - Frenzy: dash towards the enemy, hitting them with a 100% damage attack. You can enter a frenzied state that enhances your movement speed by 25% and attack speed by 30% for 0.8 seconds for each successful strike. It has a cooldown period of eight seconds after being used.
  • Second skill - X-Strike: wielding two axes, one in each hand, which can be thrown at enemies in an X-formation to deal 85% damage per hit and slow them down for 1.5 seconds. If both axes intersect and strike an enemy within that intersection, you can disable them for two seconds.

The Axe's first and secondary skills are fantastic for melee offensive roles and during PvP. The Frenzy skill will grant you a speed boost to catch up with enemies evading you; the X-Strike skill will stun them before inflicting damage for every hit. 

V Rising B-Tier Weapons – Maces

v rising weapon tier list weapon types classes mace b-tier good weapons
Use the Mace to smash into the ground, granting you a buff against knockbacks. (Picture: YouTube / Ser Medieval)
  • Main attack: perform three consecutive swipes dealing 50% damage for the first two swipes and 60% for the final swipe
  • First skill - Crushing Blow: leap across before slamming the weapon into the ground to deal 110% damage and inflict a "fading snare" for two seconds. This skill grants immunity from knockback as it can't be interrupted once it's being performed.
  • Second skill - Smack: deal 50% damage when smacking enemies with the weapon, which pushes them back and disables them for 1.2 seconds.

The Mace has a great range; however, its basic attack could've been enhanced with an additional ability to stun enemies during attacks. Nevertheless, it has a decent range for AoE damage which is beneficial for tank and support characters/roles to wield.

V Rising C-Tier Weapons – Reapers

v rising weapon tier list weapon types classes reaper c-tier good weapons
The Reaper's skills can be enhanced using any V Blood abilities that have AoE effects. (Picture: YouTube / Ser Medieval)
  • Main attack: performs three-hit melee attack that deals 50% / 50% / 55% damage but has a good swiping range for any AoE damage
  • First skill - Tendon Swing: wave the weapon around, dealing 125% damage to enemies within the radius, which knocks them back and inflicts a "fading snare" for two seconds.
  • Second skill - Howling: throws the weapon which spins in an area, dealing 20% damage to all enemies within that radius every 0.25 seconds for 2.5 seconds. The first hit will slow enemies down for 1.5 seconds.

The Reaper weapon can deal decent damage, which is better for PvE as its second skill, Howling, can be paired up well with most V Blood abilities that work best for AoE skills. The weapon does have a perk or bonus against undead enemies like skeletons which could be useful in PvE.

V Rising D-Tier Weapons – Crossbows

v rising weapon tier list weapon types classes crossbow d-tier worst weapon
The Crossbow's weakness is its firing rate which is hampered by the weapon's reload speed. (Picture: YouTube / Ser Medieval)
  • Main attack: firing an arrow that can inflict 115% damage for each hit
  • First skill - Rain of Bolts: rain down a barrage of arrows onto enemies for 40% damage and inflicts a "fading snare" for 1.5 seconds. This skill has an eight-second cooldown period with a cast time of 0.4 seconds.
  • Second skill - Snapshot: launches a quick bolt attack that deals 75% damage, can interrupt any skill or casting, and inflict a "fading snare" for two seconds.

A relatively slow weapon to use as the firing rate suffers due to the reload speed, not ideal to use for PVP due to players' movement speed. Regardless, it's reliable for PvE when you have support with a crossbow, which can be extremely great to use in boss fights.

The Slashers and Sword are the game's best weapons due to their main attacks and unique skills and can be well-utilised for PvE and PvP modes. Depending on your preferred playstyle, whether it be support, tank, ganking, or offensive, this will see other weapons prioritised more over the others for their movement speed, damage dealt, and cooldown times.

While the Reaper and Slasher deal more damage per hit, the Spear and Crossbow make great ranged weapons for support roles. The sword, Mace, and Axe have skills that deal with AoE damage, making them good weapons to equip for PvE; the Axe may be more versatile for PvE and PvP.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Ser Medieval for their complete walkthrough on the weapon tier list for V Rising. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.