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How To Craft A Butcher’s Knife & Table In Valheim

Make use of the animals that you find in Valheim with the help of a Butcher's Knife and Table.
How To Craft A Butcher’s Knife & Table In Valheim

Two of the new items added with the ValheimHearth and Home update were the Butcher’s Knife and Table, which makes the animal harvesting aspect of the game much more efficient. 

In the Hearth and Home update, the developers at Iron Gate Studios made it so tamed animals can no longer be killed by just a random sword or another weapon you have on hand. Instead, you need to craft a Butcher’s Knife in order to kill the animals you’ve previously tamed. While this sounds cruel, taming animals give players a constant source of food and other resources for craftable items in Valheim, like the Cartography Table

You’ll also need a Butcher’s Table to physically skin the animals that you’ve killed. 

So for any player wondering how they can now kill and skin their tamed animals, keep reading below to find out how to craft a Butcher’s Knife and Table in Valheim. 

Crafting a Butcher Knife in Valheim 

Valheim Butcher Knife
Food is a vital part of Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

To start the cycle of life with tamed animals, you’ll need a Butcher’s Knife. To craft one, you can follow the exact recipe below: 

  • 2 wood

  • 4 tin

This is as simple a recipe as you can find in Valheim. Wood is found throughout the world by simply chopping down trees with an ax. 

Tin is a bit harder to find, as you need to have defeated the game’s first boss, Eikthyr, to acquire the recipe to mine tin and copper ore. Tin itself is found in veins all over Valheim but you can look in the Black Forest for an increased chance of finding it. 

Once you have the tin ore, you can smelt it into tin ingots which are then used at a forge to create the Butcher’s Knife. 

Crafting a Butcher’s Table in Valheim 

Valheim Butchers Table
The Butcher’s Table in Valheim is a new addition with the Hearth and Home update. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

Once you have your knife, you’re then going to need a Butcher’s Table to skin the tamed animals that you kill. The recipe for the table is a little more advanced than the knife. 

  • 2 Ancient Bark

  • 4 Core wood

  • 4 Fine wood

  • 2 Silver

Core and Fine wood need a bronze axe, which can be crafted after you defeat Eikthyr. Core wood is acquired via chopping down Pine trees in the Black Forest while Fine wood is acquired via chopping down Birch and Oak trees in the Meadows. 

Moving on, Ancient Bark is acquired by chopping down Ancient trees in the Swamp biome. While you’re there, make sure to defeat Bonemass, who gives you the Wishbone to find silver ore. Silver is found in the Mountains biome and is located by equipping the Wishbone. Once it starts vibrating more and more, players can mine the mountain with an iron pickaxe to find silver ore veins. The ore is then smelted together at a smelter. 

Once you have all of these materials, head to your base and you can then place it while in range of a workbench. You now have everything to successfully harvest animals in Valheim. 


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Featured image via Iron Gate Studios.