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How To Craft A Cartography Table In Valheim

One of the newest items added into Valheim brings some mapping to the game. Here is the guide on how to craft a Cartography Table in Valheim.
How To Craft A Cartography Table In Valheim

Included with the Valheim Hearth and Home update was the Cartography Table, which introduces some key elements in the Viking survival title. 

The table does exactly what fans think it would, allowing players to share their map with other players on the server. This is important because now players don’t have to try and coordinate what they’re seeing on their map with other players. With Hearth and Home, players of the server can split off, explore different areas, then immediately share what they saw and marked with their friends. 

However, before players can do any of that, they need to learn how to craft the Cartography Table in Valheim. 

Crafting a Cartography Table in Valheim 

Valheim Cartography table
The Cartography Table is a welcome addition. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

To start, you can find the exact recipe to craft the Cartography Table below. 

  • 10 Fine Wood
  • 10 Bone Fragment 
  • 2 Bronze 
  • 5 Leather Scraps 
  • 4 Raspberry 

These resources aren’t incredibly difficult to find in Valheim. However, some players who are new or those who stepped away from the game might need a refresher on how to acquire these materials. 

Fine Wood is acquired via chopping down Birch and Oak trees, which requires a Bronze Axe. You can only mine for tin and copper ore, which makes bronze, after defeating the game’s first boos, Eikthyr. You’ll also need some bronze ingots to craft the Cartography Table, so combine tin and copper in a smelter to make the ingots. 

Valheim the cartography table
The Black Forest is home to many of the resources needed to make a Cartography Table. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

For Bone Fragments, you’ll need to find and kill skeletons in the Black Forest. They’re found in Crypts and out in the open throughout the biome. 

The last two resources, leather scraps and raspberries, are found in any part of Valheim. Leather scraps are found from harvesting boars and raspberries are harvested from raspberry bushes. 

Once players have all of these ingredients, they can craft the Cartography Table in range of a workbench in Valheim.  


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Featured image via Iron Gate Studios.