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How To Find Onions In Valheim

Onions are the newest food item in Valheim and players want to know where they can find them.
How To Find Onions In Valheim

The Valheim Hearth and Home update didn’t just add weapons like the Crystal Battleaxe to the game. The developers at Iron Gate Studios also made sure the farmers of the game had something new to get excited about and this is in the form of onions. 

Onions are a new food item in Valheim and give players some new recipes to create. However, before this can happen, players need to know where they can onion seeds, which are used to grow the final product. 

Onion seeds have been a bit tough to find for players thus far in Hearth and Home. They’re not in the location that seems like the most plausible, giving farmers some troubles. Those troubles are put to rest if players keep reading below, though. 

Finding onion seeds in Valheim 

Valheim onions
Onions are the final form of onion seeds in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

To start, you need to stop searching in the Black Forest or Meadows biome. While these locations seem like the most plausible to find onion seeds, they don’t house the farming ingredient. 

Instead, you need to venture into the Mountains biome. Make sure to stock up on wolf gear to escape the cold, as you’re going to be searching for an extended time. Once there, you’re going to need to find some old stone buildings or abandoned villages. Here, there will be chests that you can open, just like in the Meadows or Black Forest biomes. 

Valheim how to find farm onions
Farming in Valheim is an invaluable trade. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

The chests won’t spawn in every crumbling structure but with enough searching, you’ll eventually find a chest or two. Inside of the chests, you’ll find some onion seeds, which is all you need. 

Head back to your base, plant the seeds in hoed soil and then watch the onions grow. Once you have your onions, you can then use them to gather more seeds and plant them again. Repeating this process enough will yield enough onion seeds to sustain your farm and ensure you don’t need to find any more of them again in Valheim. 


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Featured image courtesy of Iron Gate Studios.