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How To Make Bread With A Stone Oven In Valheim

Players can now become a real chef and make some bread with a Stone Oven in Valheim.
How To Make Bread With A Stone Oven In Valheim

The developers of Valheim made some controversial decisions in regards to food with the Hearth and Home update

While some players might not like the changes they made, they can still take advantage of the new items the developers added. One of the items is bread, which can provide a nice health boost to players once eaten. However, bread can only be made in a Stone Oven, which is another new addition with the Hearth and Home update. 

If players want to take advantage of the new items, they can learn how to craft the Stone Oven and bread in Valheim below. 

Crafting the Stone Oven in Valheim 

How to make bread in Valheim
The Stone Oven is a new item in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

In order to craft the Stone Oven, you’ll need to be pretty far along in the Valheim story. The exact crafting recipe for the oven is as follows: 

  • Iron x15
  • Stone x20
  • Surtling core x4

This is quite a bit of material, with the 15 iron ingots being the heftiest out of the three. To get iron, you need to head into the Swamp with a Swamp Key, enter a Crypt and mine muddy scrap piles to acquire iron ore. This is then smelted into an ingot. While you’re in the Swamp, kill some Surtlings, fire skeletons, and pick up the cores they leave behind. Finally, stone is found all throughout Valheim. 

You then need to craft an Artisan Table to craft the Stone Oven. The Artisan Table requires two Dragon Tears to construct, which are only found from killing Moder, the Mountain biome’s boss. You’ll also need 10 wood to finish off the table. Once it’s crafted, you can construct the Stone Oven when in range of the Artisan Table. 

Making bread in Valheim 

Make Bread stone oven Valheim
The Stone Oven can make a myriad of food. (Picture: Iron Gate Studios)

Once you have your Stone Oven placed, you can then make some bread, among other food. The recipe for bread in Valheim is as follows: 

  • 10 Barley Flour 

You can find barley in the Plains biome by Fuling villages. You need to go into the biome prepared, as the creatures there will eat you up if you don’t have at least iron or silver gear.

Once you have your 10 barley, you can place it into a windmill to make barley flour. Then, you need to make bread dough with the barley flour. This is accomplished with a level four Cauldron, which can be upgraded by crafting the Butcher’s Table, Spice Rack and pots and pans. 

Finally, with the bread dough in your inventory, place it onto the Stone Oven and watch it cook. Make sure it doesn’t burn, though, as all of your hard work would be for nothing. After you take the bread off of the oven, you have a nice source of health in Valheim.