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Valheim Moder Boss Guide: Location, How To Summon And Defeat

Everything you need to know about Moder, the 4th boss of Valheim. How to beat her, how to summon her, location, strategy, and more.
Valheim Moder Boss Guide: Location, How To Summon And Defeat

Amongst many other things, one of Valheim's biggest appeals is its diverse and rich world full of many mythical creatures and locations based on Norse mythology.

Each of the game's six unique biomes hides many locations to explore, secrets to uncover and foes to defeat.

There are many difficult enemies lurking in every corner of the world, but none as hard and challenging as mighty boss monsters.

There are five unique Boss encounters, each posing a serious threat but also promising great rewards, worthy of that risk.

Beating them is essential if you want to progress in the game because when you defeat them, the whole new region(biome) of the game gets unlocked, giving you access to new resources, enemies and land to explore.

And in the Mountain region, the mighty dragon Moder awaits you.

With this guide, we will help you to defeat him!

Valheim Moder boss: Where to find and how to summon

valheim Moder sacrificial altar location
The sacrificial altar (Picture: Iron Gate)

Moder, which is Swedish for "mother", is a huge black dragon (Wyvern) with a white mane.

Summoning her is a rather tedious process mostly because it requires a lot of time investment.

In order to summon Moder, the player will need to bring three Dragon eggs and place them at the sacrificial altar. You can grab these Dragon eggs from nests in the mountain.

The location of the sacrificial altar is randomly generated, so players will need to search it somewhere in the mountain biome.

valheim Moder sacrificial altar location dragon eggs
Dragon egg (Picture: Iron Gate)

You will easily recognize the sacrificial altar once you spot it. It is made of stones placed in a circle.

This might sound easy enough, but the tricky part comes from the fact that Dragon eggs are quite heavy, and you won't be able to collect all three of them at once, so you will need to go back and forth a few times.

Even the merchant's Megingjord won't help you here. The only way to bring all three eggs at once is in co-op with multiple players involved.

How to defeat Moder

Moder will attack you with three types of attacks:

  • While on the ground, she uses her claws for a melee attack
  • She has blizzard breath which will severely slow your movement.
  • While flying, she fires projectiles that turn into crystalline formations and explode shortly after impact.

You will need to bring a lot of Frost Resistance Mead with you, which is something you generally need to have in the mountain biome, but it's especially useful against Moder.

A Wolf Armor is also a must (Chest, Legs, and Cape), which you can craft with the following materials:

Wolf Armor Chest

  • 20 Silver
  • 5 Wolf Pelts
  • 1 Chain

Wolf Armor Legs

  • 20 Silver
  • 5 Wolf Pelts
  • 4 Wolf Fangs

Wolf Armor Cape

  • 4 Silver
  • 6 Wolf Pelts
  • 1 Wolf Trophy

In order to mine Silver, you will need to get the Wishbone from killing Bonemass. Wold Pelts and Fangs you can get by killing wolves in the mountains.

Valheim moder boss
Moder has several different attacks which you should learn (Picture: Iron Gate)

Once you have the full Wolf set and enough Frost Resistance Mead, you are set for the fight.

Since she will often fly, the best way to attack her is simply with a good bow and arrow and you can use your melee weapons when she roars between her attacks. The most important part is to learn her pattern of attacks, then avoid them as much as possible and seize the opportunities when she is vulnerable.

With a bit of practise you will defeat her with ease.

Moder Boss rewards

Once you defeat her, she will drop these items:

Thank you for reading this guide and have fun playing Valheim!