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Top 5 Valheim mods to download for the best experience

Valheim is still in its infancy but that hasn’t stopped modders from improving some of the game’s mechanics and features. Here are the best Valheim mods so far.
The modding community forming around Valheim is growing by the day and as a result, the game is improving mightily. That's why we've got five of the best Valheim mods to share with you.

While some players might be hesitant to download mods, the ones being created for Valheim are almost all harmless and don’t threaten your save file or character in any way.

Of course, some mods are more advanced than others but none truly affect the core gameplay that Iron Gate Studios has designed. 

For those interested in downloading mods, there are five for Valheim that you need to add to your game immediately. 

As a disclaimer, we’ve already gone over arguably the best mod, Valheim Plus, in another article, so that won’t be included on this list. 

Unrestricted Portals

Download Unrestricted Portals from NexusMods.

As the name suggests, this mod allows Portals to be completely unrestricted in Valheim. This means you can walk through and be transported back to your base or another area while carrying raw materials like Iron or Silver. 

top best valheim mods download unrestricted portals more slots quickstack(Picture: Iron Gate)

Iron Gate likely made materials non-transportable for fear of players getting high-level armour too quickly but some players simply want the best armour as quickly as possible, and this mod allows for that. 


More Slots

Download More Slots from NexusMods.

Another mod that gives away its objective in the name, More Slots simply allows for additional inventory slots. The number of slots originally given to you in Valheim is a tad underwhelming, so this mod aims to rectify that.

You can personally set how many additional rows of slots you get, with the max being unlimited. 

Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull From Containers

Download this great Valheim mod from NexusMods.

Perhaps the most useful mod on this list, this one gives you the ability to use a Workbench, Smelter or Forge without needing items in your inventory.

top best valheim mods download unrestricted portals more slots quickstack(Picture: Iron Gate)

Instead, the mod pulls them directly from a nearby chest. No longer will you need to worry about your carrying weight when trying to craft weapons or armour. As a note though, the chests with the items need to be relatively close by. 

Ivy's Texture Pack

Download Ivy's Texture Pack from NexusMods.

It’s difficult to bring up the subject of mods and leave off a texture pack from the list. Ivy’s Texture Packs reimagines Valheim’s graphics without losing the original feel.

The textures within the game look more sharpened and crisp but there are still objects with Valheim’s intended pixelation. This applies specifically to wood, which looks incredible with this texture pack.


Quick Stack

Download this handy valheim mod from NexusMods.

We’ve saved the simplest mod for last. Although, this is a highly-requested feature from the community, so it felt necessary to include it.

top best valheim mods download unrestricted portals more slots quickstack(Picture: Iron Gate)

Quick Stack allows you to press on an item stack from your inventory and snap it into a chest with the click of a button. You won’t need to click several times to put items into a chest anymore with this mod. 

So there you have it, the top Valheim mods you can download right now to improve your gameplay experience.