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Valheim Cart Guide: How To Build, Materials Required & Uses

How to build a cart in Valheim, including the materials and the uses of this much-needed item for those long farming expeditions.
Valheim Cart Guide: How To Build, Materials Required & Uses

If you've been playing Valheim for any significant amount of time, you might have run into the dreaded weight limit on your character. For long farming expeditions, you need some kind of mobile storage. That's where the extremely handy cart comes into play in Valheim.

Here's how you can build a cart in Valheim, the materials required, and how you can use it in-game.

Valheim Cart: How to build & materials needed

Players can build a cart in Valheim quite early on but there are some prerequisites. First up, you will need to craft the Antler Pickaxe, which will be available once you've killed the first boss.

Then, you will also need a smelter and a forge in order to get the job done. To build the cart in Valheim, you will need to unlock the recipe.

valheim cart how to build use materials(Picture: Iron Gate)

Follow the steps below to unlock the cart recipe in Valheim, and build your very own mobile storage unit.

  • Mine Tin and Copper using your Antler Pickaxe.
  • Smelt 1 Tin with 2 Copper to create Bronze.
  • Craft 20 bronze nails. This will unlock the cart recipe.
  • Gather 20 normal Wood.
  • To build the cart in Valheim, open the Miscellaneous build tab with the Hammer equipped. 
  • Select the cart and left-click to place it in the location you wish.

With the cart now built, your life will get easier in Valheim, if you know how to use it.


How to use the cart in Valheim

After you've finished building your first cart in Valheim, it is important to realise this cart can get damaged, and even destroyed. It is not invincible, but it definitely is handy when you head out from your shelter for a long farming expedition. 

To use the cart in Valheim, simply approach the pulling bar, and press "E" as the default key to "Use Cart". This will cause the player to pull the cart behind them.

valheim cart how to build use materials(Picture: Iron Gate)

You can use the cart's storage to, well, store a whole lot of materials. By using "Ctrl+Left-Click" you can access the cart's storage without putting it down, transferring full stacks of materials in the process.

Yes, you can also pull other players around in the cart, if you feel like horsin' around.

The cart is one incredibly useful tool in Valheim, and something no respectable resource farmer will want to overlook. It will help you gather enough materials to build a base, without needing to return to dump your wood.