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Valheim: Where To Find The Merchant, What To Buy, Trade, Coins, More

A guide on how and where to find Valheim's wandering merchant Haldor, including the list of items he sells, and more.
Valheim: Where To Find The Merchant, What To Buy, Trade, Coins, More

Valheim's ever-elusive merchant Haldor is one of the most important characters in the game.

While most of the items in Valheim you can either craft, loot, or gather in various ways, there are some unique and specific items and ingredients that can only be obtained by purchasing them from Haldor, the vendor of Valheim.

It seems that Haldor has some really good suppliers because he has access to some of the rarest item in the game, like the extremely-rare crafting resource Ymir flesh which you will need for the Iron Sledgehammer.

Given his importance, it is critical to locate him in the game as early as possible.

How to find Haldor the merchant in Valheim

Valheim Haldor the merchant location
Once you find Haldor, he will always be at the same place (Picture: Iron Gate)

Unfortunately, due to procedurally generated nature of the game, Haldor doesn't have a fixed position in the world of the game, so each world will have a different place where you will find Haldor. 

Still, there is one constant when it comes to his location, and that is that he will always be somewhere in the Black Forest biome, the second area you will explore after the starting Meadows biome. You will unlock this area once you beat Eikthyr, the first boss in Valheim.

While the Black Forest is one of the larger regions in the game, which will make searching for him a bit harder, once you enter a 2km radius of Haldor’s location, you will notice a little sack symbol on your map which will indicate his location, and from there you only need to go into that direction until you find him.

Once you finally locate him, his trading camp will be there for the rest of the game. He is not an actual travelling merchant, so you don't need to worry if he will change his position at some point. He will always be there at your disposal.

His base is also a safe zone because he has a special magic aura in place which will prevent all enemies from entering his camp, which means nothing can attack you while you are doing business with him.

List of items you can buy from Haldor the merchant

Valheim Haldor the merchant store items list
Haldor is not selling a lot of stuff, but his items are essential (Picture: Iron Gate)

While some of Haldor's items are essential for your progress, he's inventory is actually rather underwhelming in terms of what's he offering.

There aren't many diverse items in his stock currently, but that might be just because the game is in Early Access and maybe his list of goods will expand with future patches and updates.

Here's everything you can currently buy from Haldor the merchant:

Item Price (Coins) Usage
Fishing Bait (x50) 10 Used for fishing, to obtain fish to eat.
Yule Hat 100 Helmet Armour in the style of house gnomes. Purely cosmetic.
Ymir Flesh 120 Very rare crafting material.
Fishing Rod 350 Used for fishing, to obtain fish to eat.
Dverger Circlet 620 A helmet with a never-ending light source.
Megingjord 950 Expands your carrying capacity by 150. 


How to sell items to the merchant in Valheim?

Currently, it is not possible to sell items in Valheim, and the trade with the merchant is going only in one direction: You are the buying, Haldor is selling.

The only commodities Haldor is interested in, besides coins, are precious gems which he will gladly accept in exchange for some coins. You can sell him Rubies, Amber, and Amber pearls and he will give you coins in exchange, which you can use to buy other things from him.

How to get coins for the merchant in Valheim?

valheim trolls coins merchant
Trolls are a good source of coins for the merchant (Picture: Iron Gate)

Currently, you will only ever need coins in Valheim for the purpose of buying things from the merchant.

You can find them by looting dungeons and chest, or by killing trolls who will drop coins as well.

As we've mentioned above, the merchant will also give you coins for various gems, so make sure to save those as well, and bring them with you when you are visiting the merchant.

And that's about it, now you know everything you need to know about Haldor the merchant.