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Valheim: How To Activate Photo Mode

At first glance, Valheim seems devoid of a photo mode to take clear screenshots but there’s actually a way to access the photo mode in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Activate Photo Mode

Valheim might have some purposeful pixelated objects but at its core, it’s a beautiful game with stunning landscapes and incredible lighting. 

Whether you’re sailing the open waters or running away from Trolls on the mainland, there are moments when the game stuns you with its beauty. 

If you’ve seen one of these moments, perhaps the first thing that enters your mind is the question of how to take a picturesque screenshot. While you can always press F12 for a Steam screenshot, the HUD in Valheim muddies up the screen. 

While there’s currently no official photo mode, there is a way to unmuddy the screen so you can take that clear screenshot. 

Accessing photo mode in Valheim 

Valheim Photo ModeValheim features some amazing landscapes and scenery. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

To access photo mode in Valheim, there’s really only one thing you need to do. At any time during your adventure, you can hit “Left-Control + F3” and your HUD will completely disappear. 

While this isn’t a true photo mode that allows you to change the gamma, colour correction or angle of your still-shot, you can still take a clear screenshot. Your cursor, health and action bar will disappear and you can hit F12 on Steam or use a third-party application to take your shot. 

Keep in mind, you need to re-hit Left-Control + F3 to make your HUD return. If you don’t, no actions you take will appear on the screen. This includes accessing your build menu and inventory, so it’s wise not to access the photo mode if you’re in a dangerous situation. 

If you’re just sitting around your base though, you can take your photo-taking skills a little further.

If you hit F5 and enter “imacheater,” you can take flight in the air and take some amazing shots from up above the clouds. Of course, this enables cheats so take caution when doing so. We’ve previously covered all of the other Valheim cheats in the game if you’re intrigued.