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Valheim: How To Craft The Draugr Fang Bow

The Draugr Fang bow is the best archery weapon in Valheim but it’s not the easiest item to craft. Here is the guide on how to craft Draugr Fang bow in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Craft The Draugr Fang Bow

Upgrading your gear is an essential aspect of Valheim that allows you to further explore the map and keep up with the increased difficulty of Valheim's biomes

You start out with a humble Stone Axe and Crude Bow but through defeating bosses and finding additional resources, you can slowly but surely craft better weapons. Although, you’re ultimately attempting to reach the pinnacle of weaponry in Valheim. 

For bows specifically, the pinnacle is the Draugr Fang, which glows bright blue and packs quite the punch. The bow is one of the better overall weapons in Valheim and will serve you well until the end of the game. However, this means it’s difficult to obtain.

Today, we’ll go over what you need to craft the bow and where you can find the resources needed. 

Crafting the Draugr Fang in Valheim 

Draugr Fang bowThe Draugr Fang can take down the toughest of enemies. (Picture: ESO, Iron Gate AB)

To have access to the Draugr Fang, you need to have defeated the game’s third boss, Bonemass. The Swamp biome’s boss will drop the Wishbone upon its defeat, which you will need to mine Silver Ore in the Mountains Biome. We’ve previously covered where to find Silver Ore within the biome and how to use the Wishbone. 

The Wishbone isn’t fully required to mine Silver but it makes the process much easier. Once you’ve found at least 20 Silver, you’re going to need to head back to the Swamp biome with a full stack of regular Wood. Once in the biome, find a tree with a glowing green sack on it. This green sack is called “Guck” and is the next ingredient in crafting the Draugr Fang. 

After you’ve found a sack, place down a Workbench and start building wooden stairs so you can reach the Guck. If you’re close enough, swing at it with your axe and you’ll receive four of the material. This is the last difficult resource you’ll need to find. You can see the full crafting recipe for the Draugr Fang below: 

  • Silver x20
  • Ancient Bark x10
  • Deer Hide x2
  • Guck x10

Draugr Fang bow
Valheim’s best bow is the Draugr Fang. (Picture: ESO, Iron Gate AB)

Finally, the last step in crafting the bow is to have your Forge upgrade to at least level 2. Of course, if you want to upgrade the bow further, you’ll need more upgrades. 

The Draugr Fang is certainly unique, as it has built-in Poison damage which doubles if you also have Poison Arrows. Taking down the game’s final two bosses should be much simpler now that you have the best bow in Valheim