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Valheim: How to get Dragon Eggs and what to do with them

Dragon Eggs are a bit of an enigma in Valheim but they serve a very useful purpose for later in the game.
Valheim: How to get Dragon Eggs and what to do with them

There are some resources in Valheim that seem completely useless upon collecting them for the first time. 

While there are some materials that are actually useless, like Crystals dropped from Stone Golems, almost every item in Valheim has a use of some kind. The same goes for the mysterious Dragon Eggs that the community has wondered about since the game’s release. 

Dragon Eggs are found later in your journey but present no clear use when you first add one to your inventory. However, it’s wise to collect a few so you can advance your Valheim adventure. 

Finding and using Dragon Eggs in Valheim 

Dragon Eggs Valheim
Dragon Eggs are mysterious objects in Valheim. (Picture: Wiki, Iron Gate AB)

If you’ve ventured throughout the Mountains region of Valheim, chances are you’ve stumbled across a Dragon Egg. The purple-glowing items are only found in the snowy Mountains in dragon nests. They might take a while to find individually but aren’t as rare as other resources. If you don’t want to look around for another nest though, the eggs respawn every 480 minutes. 

Upon picking up a Dragon Egg, you’ll immediately notice how heavy it is. Weighing 200 pounds, you’ll likely not be able to pick up anything else and add it to your inventory. To make matters worse, the eggs cannot be teleported, as it’s considered a raw metal. 

This means you can realistically only transport one Dragon Egg per trip to the Mountains. While this process might take some time, you’ll be happy you made the effort, as you need three Dragon Eggs to summon the game’s fourth boss, Moder. Currently, this is the only use for Dragon Eggs in Valheim

Valheim Dragon Eggs how to find
Moder needs three Dragon Eggs to be summoned. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

To help simplify this process, it’s recommended to establish a small base near the Mountains to store your eggs. Transporting three of them to Moder’s altar is a herculean task, as the weight from the eggs takes up your whole inventory. However, you can drop one or two eggs by the altar, head back to your base, equip your gear, and then head back to summon Moder.

We’ve previously covered how to defeat the dragon boss if you need some guidance.