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Valheim: How To Craft Wolf Armour

Wolf Armor is a coveted armour set in Valheim thanks to its base armour rating and the ability to stop you from freezing in the Mountains biome. Here is how to craft and unlock Wolf Armor in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Craft Wolf Armour

As players’ continue to advance in Valheim, additional challenges will pop up that require you to craft new items that were previously inaccessible. 

Nothing is more indicative of this situation than your first time entering the Mountains biome. While beautiful and full of coveted resources, it’s also freezing and if you’re not careful, will kill you over time. 

However, in order to use your newly acquired Wishbone to find Silver in the biome, you might need to spend some extra time in the Mountains, which means you’ll get cold in a hurry. Luckily, there’s an easy way to stop this from happening and it’s crafting Wolf Armour. 

Crafting Wolf Armour in Valheim 

Wolf Armour Tame
Wolf Armour is one of the better armour sets in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate)

To access the Mountains and mine Silver, you’ll need to have defeated Bonemass, the Swamp’s boss. He will give you the Wishbone and enable you to mine Silver much easier. In addition to the Wishbone, you’ll need to have an Iron Pickaxe. 

Once you enter the Mountains biome, you need to find four Silver relatively quickly. This is one of the requirements for crafting a Wolf Armour Cape. You’ll also need six Wolf Pelts and one Wolf Trophy, all of which come from killing Wolves also found in the Mountains. 

If you’ve managed to find all of this without freezing first, head back to your base to craft a Wolf Armour Cape at a Forge. The Cape is the only piece of the armour set that you need to stop freezing. 

Now that you have the Cape, you can spend as much time in the biome as you need. This is great because, in order to craft the rest of the Wolf Armour set, you’re going to need a ton of Silver and Wolf Pelts. Below, you can view the recipes for both the Wolf Armour Chest and Wolf Armour Legs. 

  • Wolf Armor Chest: 20 Silver, 5 Wolf Pelts, 1 Chain
  • Wolf Armor Legs: 20 Silver, 5 Wolf Pelts, 4 Wolf Fangs 

Wolf Pelts are a constant drop from killing Wolves. Wolf Fangs are also a possible drop but won’t drop every time you kill a wolf. Finally, a Chain is found by killing Wraiths or looting Sunken Crypts Chests.

All of these materials will take some time to acquire but in the end, it’s worth it, as Wolf Armour is a significant upgrade over Iron Armour.