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Valheim: How To Get Silver Ore

Silver Ore is an advanced material in Valheim that requires you to venture far beyond the Meadows and defeat several bosses.
Valheim: How To Get Silver Ore

Valheim plays host to a wide variety of resources spread across its many different biomes

While the early resources, like Stone and Flint, are found in bunches, some others aren’t so plentiful. Silver Ore is one such resource that can’t be found easily and requires multiple prerequisites to acquire. However, like all other metals in Valheim, once you have the ore, all that needs to be done to receive a bar is to smelt it down. 

The big question many players are asking is, "Where exactly can you find Silver Ore in Valheim?" 

We have the answers.

Finding Silver Ore in Valheim 

Silver Ore Valheim where to find
Silver Ore is located in the snowy Mountains biome. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Before you even begin searching for Silver Ore, there are a couple of things you must do first.

To start, you’ll need to have defeated the first three bosses of Valheim, which are Eikthyr, The Elder, and Bonemass. Bonemass is the most important you need to beat but the previous two are mandatory before taking him on in the Swamp biome. To summon Bonemass, you need to lay two withered bones on an altar, which are found in muddy piles in the Swamp. 

Once you defeat Bonemass, you’ll need to make sure you collect the Wishbone, which is the key element of finding Silver Ore. If you have the Wishbone in your inventory, you can continue your trek of crafting Silver, which takes you to the Mountains biome. 

Wishbone Silver Ore Valheim how to use
Wishbone can be used to source Silver Ore. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

In this biome, Silver Ore is found rather easily if you have the Wishbone. Simply equip it, walk around the biome and wait for it to start blinking green. The faster the light blinks, the closer you are to Silver Ore. Once it becomes extremely fast, dig into the ground with a Pickaxe and you’ll find some Silver Ore underneath the snow. 

There’s a ton of different weapons and pieces of armour you can make with Silver. However, most require other resources that can be found in the Mountains biome, so keep searching around for Wolves, Lox and Drakes.