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Valheim: How To Find Crystals And What To Do With Them

Crystals are one of Valheim’s biggest enigmas, as they are dropped by high-level creatures but players currently have no idea what to do with them. Here is the guide on how to find crystals and use them in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Find Crystals And What To Do With Them

Across your time spent in Valheim, you tend to come across various items that you don’t have any idea what to do with. 

In the Black Forest Crypts, you pick up Amber, Ruby and Coins that seemingly have no value or use at first. However, as the game progresses, you learn that The Merchant accepts these items and rewards you with other items you didn’t even know existed. 

However, unlike the other valuables in the game, players are stumped when it comes to Crystals. There’s seemingly no use for them but they are dropped by a creature in a late-game biome, leading to questions and speculations from the Valheim community. 

Finding Crystals in Valheim

Valheim where to get crystals
Stone Golem are the only creatures that drop Crystals in Valheim. (Picture: EpicCrazyWolf, Iron Gate AB)

If you’ve wandered into the Mountains biome in Valheim, you may have come across the huge, hulking rock formation that is the Stone Golem. 

These creatures are dormant until you walk past them but also blend in with the region as they’re shaped like common stones you find on the ground. Anytime you don’t notice one and it starts attacking you can be pretty frightening. We’ve previously covered how to fight them. 

If you do manage to defeat a Stone Golem, you’ll notice they drop a Crystal most of the time. This item is shiny and looks to be worth a pretty penny at first glance. However, upon picking it up for the first time, it doesn’t unlock any crafting recipes like other items in Valheim. 

Even still, most players bring it back to their base and store it away, waiting for a point in the game when it will become useful. Unfortunately, at this time, there’s nothing in the game files that point to the Crystals having any use. In Valheim’s current state, the shiny objects only look nice and take up space in a chest. 

What can you do with crystals in Valheim
Crystals have no current use in Valheim. (Picture: EpicCrazyWolf, Iron Gate)

Iron Gate Studios, the developers of Valheim, have plenty of updates planned for later this year, though. It’s more than likely that the Crystals will receive some kind of crafting recipe or use when one of these updates release.