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Valheim: How To Find And Farm Surtling Cores

Surtling Cores are a valuable early game item in Valheim that you’ll need a lot of. Here is the Surtling Cores farming guide for Valheim.
Valheim: How To Find And Farm Surtling Cores

One of your first big tasks in Valheim is finding Surtling Cores so you can build a Smelter, Kiln and Portals.

However, you’re given no indication by the game as to where to find these mysterious glowing items. Unfortunately, to truly progress in Valheim, you need a solid amount of these cores. Smelting Bronze or creating Coal requires Surtling Cores so it’s up to you to head out and search for them.

Luckily for you though, there are set areas where you can find this crafting item. Also, there’s one area where you can farm an infinite amount of cores. Here, we’ll show you exactly where to find and farm Surtling Cores.


Finding and farming Surtling Cores in Valheim

Surtling Cores are a hot commodity in Valheim (Picture: Iron Gate) 

The most basic way of finding Surtling Cores is in burial tombs. These are found within the Black Forest and contain a minimal amount of cores along with valuable items you can sell to Haldor the Merchant later on in the game.

To locate the cores in the tombs, you need to go through every doorway and search for small rooms that house the item. They’ll be perched on holders for you to simply take and add to your inventory. 

While this is an easy way of obtaining the cores, an even better method exists. In the Swamp biome, there are Surtling spawn points that are identified by a large fire spout. Here, you’ll find 3-4 Surtlings that drop 1-2 cores each. If you keep searching, you’ll find multiple spawn points and that means more cores.

What’s great about this method is that you can keep returning to the spawn points and more Surtling will pop up. While it’s not a quick way of obtaining an infinite amount of cores, you’ll likely never run out of the item.