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Valheim: How To Create And Shoot Fireworks

There are some unknown mechanics still being discovered in Valheim. Here is the guide on how to shoot off Valheim fireworks in-game
Valheim: How To Create And Shoot Fireworks

One of the best aspects of Valheim is the feeling of the unknown right around any corner.

Whether it’s finding a new weapon you can craft or new biome/creature, there’s seemingly always something more to discover as you can continue to venture across the vast Norse realm. However, at some point, you expect to find new creatures or crafting recipes.

What you don’t expect is finding mechanics that not even the developers disclosed. This exact situation made headlines earlier in the week when Valheim players discovered that you can actually shoot fireworks in the sky. Keep reading below to find out exactly how to pull off this crazy feat. 

Shooting off fireworks in Valheim

Fireworks can make the sky even prettier (Picture: Iron Gate) 

To shoot off fireworks in Valheim, you’ll only need a couple of items. The first is a simple campfire, which should be one of the first things you craft after you crash land on the map.

The next item you’ll need is a Surtling Core. To perform the trick several times though, you’ll need more than just one core. To find Surtling Cores, you can head into Crypts within the Black Forest and find them in small rooms or kill Surtlings in the Swamp biome.

Once you feel you have enough, place a fire down and equip the Surtling Cores into one of your eight action slots. Next, select the slot with the cores and press the slot number on the fire. If you’ve done it correctly, the core will shoot into the fire and then rocket up to the sky. 

This results in a magical explosion across the sky and really does look like a firework. You can view a video on how to do the trick if you’re struggling with the execution.