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Valheim: How To Get A Beehive And Honey

One of the lesser-known resources in Valheim is Honey and there’s an easy way to obtain it through a Beehive. Here is how you can make Beehive and get Honey in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Get A Beehive And Honey

Throughout your adventures in Valheim, you might come across some abandoned houses left behind by former travellers who, like you, have also been banished by the gods. 

At first, these houses seem fairly insignificant, only housing a chest with a few items in it. Most times, you loot the chest, maybe fight off a Greyling and then continue on in your journey.

However, these houses also offer an additional resource that most players don’t even know exists. That resource is a Queen Bee, which is used in the construction of a Beehive and the subsequent production of Honey. 

Here’s how you can construct the hive and arm yourself with an endless amount of Honey in Valheim. 

Making Honey in Valheim 

Valheim beehive
A Beehive is the only way of making Honey in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

To start the process of making Honey, you first need to find a Beehive out in the world. Traditionally, the hives are located inside of an abandoned house, which is most commonly found throughout the Meadows biome. After some searching, you should be able to find one but there’s no set location since Valheim is procedurally-generated. 

Once you manage to find the Beehive, you need to hit with a weapon of any kind, destroying it in the process. After it’s destroyed, you’ll receive a Queen Bee, some Honey and several new crafting recipes, including the Beehive itself. 

Make your way back to your base, grab 10 Wood, the Queen Bee and find a spot to construct your Beehive. Keep in mind, the bees within the hive will buzz nonstop, so it’s wise to build the hive somewhat away from your base. If you’ve found a decent spot, equip your Hammer and select the Beehive from the “Crafting” tab. 

You can either place the hive on the ground or make a wooden beam to place it on top of. Whatever you decide, you’ll have yourself a Beehive capable of producing Honey.