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Valheim: How To Kill Deathsquitos

Valheim is full of deadly creatures that want to kill you but none may be more menacing than the Deathsquito. Here is how you can kill Deathsquito in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Kill Deathsquitos

As players advance in Valheim, they’ll come across a biome known as the “Plains”. At first, this seems like a quiet biome with rolling hills and open fields. 

The Plains is an attractive biome for many advanced players since the Fuling mob can be found here. Fuling are important for making Black Metal, one of the best resources in the game. 

However, upon reaching the Plains, many have gone through the painstaking experience of dying almost immediately to a Deathsquito.

These tiny creatures are annoying, hard to hit and pack a punch. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to combat them along with simply running away. 

Killing Deathsquitos in Valheim 

Valheim deathsquitos
Deathsquitos don’t look harmless but can kill you in two hits. (Picture: Iron Gate)

If you venture anywhere inside of the Plains biome, you’ll no doubt run into a Deathsquito. While looking for Fuling or other resources the pesky bugs will sneak up on you and once that happens, death is a strong possibility. 

To stop that happening, always be vigilant while in this biome. If you see a Deathsquito from a distance, try and go around it at first. However, if that’s not an option, you can attempt to use a bow to kill them. Anything besides a Crude Bow is acceptable, as the bugs will fall to two to three arrows with a Fine Wood Bow. 

Keep in mind though, they will chase after you and they’re fairly small. Hitting your shots might not always be the easiest thing when trying to aim and avoid their attacks at the same time. 

If you want to go for a more brutal approach, you can try and use a sword or other one-handed weapon with a shield in the other hand. If you time your swings right, the Deathsquito will go down in a couple of hits.

Although, if you see the bug is going to attack, time it so you can block it with your shield. 

It will likely take you a couple of run-ins with the Deathsquitos to understand their tendencies and attacks. However, as long as you’re patient and time everything correctly, the tiny bugs shouldn’t be a huge problem.