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Valheim: How To Defeat Trolls

One of the first large enemies Valheim players will face is the Troll, which can be tough to take down if you don’t use the proper strategy. Here is how to defeat the troll in the Valheim game.
Valheim: How To Defeat Trolls

The beginning of Valheim seems so peaceful at first. Sure, the Greylings and Greydwarfs might cause you some trouble but they won't exactly get put the fear of death in you.

This perceived peace allows you to set out beyond the Meadows biome and into the Black Forest to establish your first base. The Black Forest contains dungeons, the first boss Eikthyr and more resources than the Meadows, so it’s a natural first spot. 

Imagine you’re building your base in a spot you’ve carefully selected and all of a sudden, you hear a thumping in the background. You turn around to see a hulking, blue Troll with a club walking towards you. There’s nothing to do but run, as you don’t know how strong the hulking creature is or what attacks work best. 

If this has happened to you, or you’ve simply seen Trolls, don’t fret, as we know exactly how to take down these giant enemies. 

Defeating a Troll in Valheim 

Valheim how to defeat a troll
Trolls are massive enemies in Valheim that can be intimidating at first. (Picture: Iron Gate)

Before you take on any Troll, you need to locate one first. They tend to guard one general area, which usually contains a cave, so finding this location is important. Once you’ve found the Troll’s area, mark it on your map and get out of there. You’ll likely encounter the Mountain Troll in the Black Forest first, which is blue and chases you relentlessly. 

However, if you run far enough away, the Troll will return to their area. Now, you need to stack up on arrows, preferably Flinthead or Flaming, and craft a Crude Bow. If you have access to a Fine Wood Bow, then definitely use that instead. 

Once you have your supplies, head back out to where the Troll is located. You can sneak up once you spot the creature but don’t get too close. As you’re around 20-30 meters away, start firing arrows and don’t run or jump. This saves stamina, which you’ll need for later in the fight. 

The Troll will begin to chase you but keep firing arrows until he winds up to swing his club. As he’s doing this, sprint in the opposite direction. Then, simply repeat the process until he’s dead. As long as you keep running and shooting arrows when he’s not close enough to hit you, no harm will come to you. 

How to kill troll ValheimTroll Hide is a guaranteed drop from killing Trolls. (Picture: Iron Gate)

Trolls drop 20-30 Coins and Troll Hide once they’re defeated. Troll Hide can be used to craft Troll Hide armour, which is a significant upgrade over Leather.