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Valheim: How To Make Black Metal

Black Metal is one of the most advanced materials currently in Valheim but most players have no idea how to make it.
Valheim: How To Make Black Metal

Valheim features a wide array of resources and materials but perhaps the most sought after is Black Metal. 

Black Metal weapons and tools are some of the strongest in the entire game and naturally, players want their hands on each one of them. However, the process of actually acquiring the resource is quite time-consuming and difficult. 

Like most other crafting recipes in Valheim, you need to do a series of tasks in order to earn the ability to make Black Metal. This includes beating bosses, like the first one Eitkthyr, and finding certain resources throughout the procedurally-generated world. 

Fortunately, we know exactly what you need to do to finally get your hands on Black Metal. 

Making Black Metal in Valheim 

Valheim black metalMaking Black Metal is a lengthy, but rewarding, process. (Picture: Iron Gate)

To start, you’re going to need a ton of Black Metal Scraps. This material can be found by killing Fuling, Fuling Brute or Fuling Shaman. These creatures drop the material once they die, so try and find as many as possible. 

The Fuling mob is found within the Plains biome, which is full of wide-open fields and small villages. Fuling are quite prevalent within the biome so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the mob. However, the biome can be deadly if you run into Deathsquitoes or large amounts of Fuling, so we recommend not carrying much in your inventory or having a base nearby. 

Once you have the Black Metal Scrap, the next step is to craft a Blast Furnace to smelt down the scrap. However, to have access to the Blast Furnace, you’ll have to defeat Valheim’s fourth boss, Moder. This dragon-looking boss is found within the Mountains biome and is insanely powerful. 

How to make Black metal valheim
The Blast Furnace is hard to create in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate)

If you’ve managed to defeat Moder, you’ll unlock the crafting recipe for the Blast Furnace. The craftable station requires 5 Surtling cores, 10 Iron, 20 Stone, 20 Fine Wood and an Artisan Table. The four materials are relatively easy to get ahold of but the Artisan Table is another story. This item is also unlocked after defeating Moder and crafted by using a Dragon Tear. 

After all of that is complete and you have the right materials, build the Blast Furnace, insert some fuel and your Black Metal Scraps. This process results in Black Metal bars that are used to craft Black Metal weapons and tools such as the Atgeir, Shield and Sword. Now, you’re fully equipped to take on the true dangers of Valheim. That's all about how to make black metal in Valheim.


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