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Valheim: How To Tame A Boar

Finding Boar in Valheim can be a bit tricky but there’s one concrete way to ensure you never have to find another one of the animals again. Here is how to find and tame a Boar in Valheim.
Valheim: How To Tame A Boar

In the early part of Valheim, one of the trickiest aspects to navigate is the shortage of most materials. While you’ll have plenty of Wood and Stone, other resources aren’t as easy to come by. 

Leather Scraps, which is used to create armour, arrows and crafting stations, is one of the materials players never seem to have enough of. The scrap is only found through killing Boar and the animals are randomly spread across Valheim. 

They’re extremely easy to kill but finding them in bunches is no picnic. Luckily, there’s a way to tame Boar in Valheim. This allows you to never have to search for them throughout the Meadows again. 

Taming boar in Valheim 

Valheim Boar how to tame
Boar are common animals in Valheim but somewhat tricky to find. (Picture: Iron Gate)

The first thing you want to do when taming a Boar is to make sure you have a fenced-in area set up near your base. A small area will do but just allow enough room for multiple Boar and yourself inside. You can use a Hoe to level out the ground and install a fence gate for easy access. 

Once the Boar’s home is complete, you need to get some food, preferably meat, and go out and find a Boar. Usually, the animals are in packs of two or three and they will be hostile at first. After they see you, they’ll begin to chase you until one of you is dead. However, you won’t be killing these Boar for right now. 

Instead, lead them inside of your fenced-in pit and drop down some food on the ground once they’re inside. As they’re distracted eating the food, close the gate and you have yourself some pet Boar. You’ll know they’re tamed if they have yellow hearts around them. 

valheim boar
Tamed Boar are no longer hostile but still require food. (Picture: Iron Gate)

After the animal is tamed, they will become domesticated and need food regularly. However, a domesticated Boar only eats Carrots in Valheim, so make sure you have enough nearby or on hand. 

If there are multiple Boar in your pen, they will mate and produce offspring. While it’s cruel, you can kill these offspring for a steady supply of Leather Scraps and Raw Meat.