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Valheim Raids guide: What triggers them, duration, strategy, more

What triggers Valheim events, also known as raids? Are they random or they can be triggered? Do you need to prepare for them and for how long raids last? Read further to find out all the important details.
Valheim is a world inspired by Norse mythology, full of all kinds of mysterious and dangerous creatures.

And those creatures, just like Vikings themselves, like to go raiding from time to time. An unfortunate part of that habit of theirs is that the usual target of those raids is you, the player.

If you are playing Valheim for some time now, you've probably experienced these seemingly random events where a group of creatures attack your base, apparently out of nowhere.

But what are these events? Is there any rule behind them or are they completely random? Let's find out!

Valheim events: What are Raids?

valheim raids how they trigger
(Picture: Iron Gate AB) 

Raids in Valheim are events that can be triggered once specific conditions are being fulfilled. These events can be story-based or enemy-based.

While each specific raid needs specific conditions in order to be triggered, they will still occur randomly once the conditions are met.

Basic conditions for any event to happen are that you are near your base and that you have basic structures: a campfire and a workbench.

Are Valheim events random? What triggers events and raids?

valheim raids how to defend
A well-designed base is a key for defending against raids (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

As we've mentioned earlier, events will occur at random, but only when specific conditions are met. The story-based events are connected with your progress through the story of Valheim and the game's bosses.

  • Boars and Necks raid can occur randomly until you kill Eikthyr, the 1st boss.
  • Greydwarfs, Greydwarf Brutes, and Greydwarf Shamans raid can occur randomly until you kill The Elder, the 2nd boss.
  • Draugar and Skeletons raid can occur randomly until you kill Bonemass, the 3rd boss.
  • Drakes raid can occur randomly until you kill Moder, the 4th boss.
  • Fulings, Fuling Berserkers, and Fuling Shamans raid can occur randomly until you kill Yagluth, the 5th boss.

These raids above are the story events, and their general goal is to force you to explore and progress through the story, as they will keep happening until you defeat the specific boss. Only one story raid can be triggered at a time.

Unlike story raids, there are also events based on enemies you killed and they can occur along with the story-based events, but never at the same time.

  • Skeletons and Rancid Remains raid can occur randomly once you've defeated Bonemass.
  • Blobs and Oozers raid can occur randomly once you've defeated Bonemass.
  • Trolls raid can occur randomly once you've defeated The Elder and killed your first Troll.
  • Wolves raid can occur randomly once you've killed a certain number of wolves.
  • Surtlings raid can occur randomly once you've defeated Bonemass and killed your first Surtling.

How long Valheim events last: Raids duration

valheim raids explained guide
Trolls can be particularly tricky if you are not prepared for their attack (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

Each event lasts for a specific time and if you don't kill the enemies, they will simply leave once a set period of time passes.

  • Boars and Necks raid is 90 seconds long.
  • Greydwarfs raid is 120 seconds long.
  • Draugar and Skeletons raid is 150 seconds long.
  • Drakes raid is 150 seconds long.
  • Fulings raid is 150 seconds long.
  • Skeletons and Rancid Remains raid is 120 seconds long.
  • Blobs and Oozers raid is 120 seconds long.
  • Trolls raid is 80 seconds long.
  • Wolves raid is 120 seconds long.
  • Surtlings raid is 120 seconds long.

Preparing for events: How to defend against raids?

First thing first, now when you know what causes all these events, you should be much better prepared and ready for the raid, because you will know when to expect them and what to expect from them.

The most important thing is to have a strong base and a good layout. Of course, always keep your character well fed and always have some food ready, as well as different kind of mead.

The general rule is that you should try to eliminate them as fast as possible, and not to wait until the timer passes, because they will start destroying your things and you don't want that to happen.

In general, just be well equipped, know what you can expect, and you will be fine.