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Valheim: The Best Sword To Use

Combat in Valheim is hugely reliant on the weapon type you choose and there’s perhaps no better all-around option than the sword. Here is the guide on which sword is best to use in the game.
Valheim: The Best Sword To Use

Having a one-handed weapon in Valheim is one of the best ways to combat any enemy that will attempt to end your adventure prematurely. 

For most early-game players, this is a Flint Axe. However, as you progress, you begin to upgrade your weapons and find additional types that you can use. There are Polearms, Clubs, Knives and more. 

Although, most of these types are more situational and not well-suited for use in all matters of combat encounters. If you’re looking for a weapon like this, we recommend a sword, as it features balanced stats and also allows you to use a shield in your other hand.

The big question that remains if you’re going this route is what’s the best sword to use in Valheim? 

Picking the right Sword in Valheim

Valheim best swordSwords are a popular weapon type in Valheim. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

When choosing the best sword in Valheim, there are two ways you can go. If you simply want the highest base damage sword in Valheim, then you’re going to want to craft a Blackmetal Sword. It features a Slash stat of 95 and Knockback stat of 40. To compare, the next highest Slash stat in the sword category is 75. 

However, Blackmetal isn’t available to you until after you defeat Moder, Valheim’s fourth boss. To find Blackmetal, you need to find the Plains biome and Blackmetal Scraps and Linen Threads. For this reason, many players opt to go for the other choice until they defeat Moder. 

The other choice is the Silver Sword, which features a Slash stat of 75 and a Knockback stat of 30. Clearly, the Blackmetal Sword does a higher base damage if we look at the Slash stat alone. Though, there’s another stat that the Silver Sword possesses, which is the Spirit stat. 

Best sword in ValheimThe Silver Sword possesses the unique Spirit stat. (Picture: Iron Gate AB)

This particular Sword has a Spirit stat of 30, which means it deals extra damage to undead creatures like Draugr and Skeletons. For some players, this bonus damage actually makes it more desirable than the Blackmetal Sword. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you which Sword to use but there are benefits to using both in Valheim. 


A sword is just one part of the equation, knowing the best shield is just as important.