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Valheim: What Graydwarf Eyes are for

If you have Graydwarf Eyes in your inventory, but you are not sure what is their purpose, check out this article to find out everything you need to know about this item.
Valheim: What Graydwarf Eyes are for

Valheim is a huge game with a lot of gameplay mechanics and strange items for which you often aren't sure what is their purpose.

And although Valheim is a rather complex game, the game sometimes doesn't exactly help players to understand what they need to do next and how some things work in the game.

This is done on purpose in order to give players that feeling of exploring the unknown lands and mysterious creatures.

One of the strange items you will get early in the game are Greydwarf eyes.

Where to get Greydwarf eyes in Valheim

Valheim Greydwarf eyes
Greydwarfs appear in three progressively harder versions: Standard, One-Star, and Two-Star (Picture: Iron Gate)

As the name implies, you will obtain Greydwarf eyes by killing a Greydwarf. Greydwarfs are the adult version of Greylings, and they have a 40% chance to drop Greydwarf eye, while they will always drop Stone, Wood, and Resin.

Easily recognizable by their bright blue eyes, they will attack you at night time, typically spawning in groups of 1-3, and you will mostly encounter them in the Black Forest.

They are rather nasty creatures which will attack you with melee attacks and will throw stones on you when you are out of their reach, but it should be rather easy to kill them with some strong AoE weapon like the Stagbreaker.

Greydwarf eyes are quite important so make sure to collect and keep all of them.

For what to use Graydwarf Eyes in Valheim

Valheim Greydwarf eyes portal
Portals are extremely important, and Graydwarf Eyes are key ingredient (Picture: Iron Gate)

Graydwarf Eyes have two important crafting purposes.

The first and the most important: They are one of the key components to craft Portal, which will be your only way to fast travel in Valheim.

You will automatically get the recipe for Portals once you collect Fine Wood for the first time, after which they will become available in the "Misc" category of the Hammer.

It is important to note that you will need to have a Workbench close to the location where you want to place the portal.

To build a portal, you will need these ingredients:

  • Greydwarf eye x10
  • Fine Wood x20
  • Surtling Core x2

The other thing you can do with Graydwarf Eyes is to craft the Ward.

Valheim Greydwarf eyes ward usageThe Ward can protect your base from unwanted guest (Picture: Iron Gate)

The Ward emits a strong protective aura which will block all other Vikings from building things in the area protected by the Ward, and will lock all doors within its influence. It will also block enemies from spawning in its area of effect.

It is a rather useful item which you can craft once you obtain its recipe by acquiring surtling core for the first time.

You can build Ward by selecting Hammer in your inventory, and then switching to Crafting tab where you can find the Ward.

To build a Ward, you will need these ingredients:

  • Fine Wood x5
  • Greydwarf eye x5
  • Surtling core x1

And that's it! now you know the purpose of Graydwarf Eyes. As you can see, they are quite useful and you will want to keep them all whenever Graydwarfs drop them.

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